DREAMS…A Snapshot of Your Future


Perhaps Edgar Allan Poe was on to something when he wrote the line in his famous poem, “Life is but a dream within a dream.” We all dream 4-6 times each night; last night there were approximately 33 billion dreams worldwide. Since each dream contains a significant message of Divine Guidance, how many of us missed the memo? Whether we consider these messages as coming from our subconscious, Higher-self, Spirit, or God…one thing rest-assured, if you pay attention to your dreams you can sidestep adversity and never get blindsided again.

Dreams are ancient and harken back to a time when every known culture, religion and society on the planet used them for guidance and prophecy. Today, some people have forgotten their natural legacy of the practical method in which Spirit speaks to each of us directly…through our dreams.

Jane had failing health; many doctors and many tests…neither could provide a solution. Meanwhile, Jane had a dream with the letters PB…. She decoded her dream symbol “PB” to represent the chemical symbol for lead. She then realized what the divine message was… Her illness was due to lead toxicity; given the fact she had worked with lead for the past decade… Jane was then able to take corrective action and remedy her failing health…

The challenge is how to remember and interpret our nightly dreams. A phenomenal starting point is Sound. There is a simple toning technique that elevates ones consciousness enabling us to decode these dream messages. The technique is called, “Just Say HU.” HU is an ancient name for God (HUman) and it contains a vibration that clears the clutter and restores harmony within. For dream recall and interpretation, simply “HU” for a few minutes before falling asleep. This “1 Magic Word” fosters heightened awareness and turns up the volume on the voice of Spirit.

“Just Say HU” Technique
Step 1 – Inhale
Step 2 – Exhale while saying HU (hue) HUUUUU
Step 3 – Repeat (5-20 minutes daily)

That’s all there is to it! After you try it you will feel the difference. This tool is so effective because it actually retunes your body at a sub-atomic level, resulting in an immediate change within the central nervous system.

In addition to dream recall, this ancient toning technique will banish anxiety, fear, nightmares, insomnia, addiction, even suicide…while enhancing serenity, peace, and your ability to make decisions. “Just Sing HU’ is your bridge to understanding your dreams and decoding the nightly messages. It can provide you with a way of staying in contact with Holy Spirit and provide you with 24/7 Divine Guidance.

“Dream Decoding” Technique
Step 1 – Write down your dream
Step 2 – Use quick word association with each symbol
Step 3 – Ask yourself: What was on my mind yesterday?

Our spiritual home is contained within each of us, like a road map. The secret is delightfully simple…your Spiritual GPS. It doesn’t just show you the way…it helps you dodge traffic. Remember, choice not chance, determines your destiny. Sweet Dreams!

Featured on A&E, E!, VH1, & countless others.

Dream Experts: Rev. Dr. Nicole Sebastian and Rev. Dr. Michael Sebastian, aka: The Dream Team. Co-founders of “Divine Guidance Institute and Wellness Center Inc.” a Michigan based nonprofit, “The Dream Team – Celebrity Life Coaching” and creators of the “Trust Yourself System” and “Trust Yourself Therapy.”

Authors of: “Trust Yourself: Master Your Dreams, Master Your Destiny…A Personal Road Map for Knowing,” “The Ancient Way of Knowing…Trust Yourself System: The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Decision, Avoiding Adversity and Never Getting Blind-Sided Again, “Trust Yourself Therapy: 9 Steps to a Quantum Transformation,” “Sociology of Soul: A Spiritual Wake-up Call,” and “1-Step Solution…Just Say Hu: The Universal Panacea.”

The Dream Team is available for Private Consultations, Workshops, Business Seminars, Parties and Charity Events. For further Info: 586-393-1313


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