Four Keys To Unlocking The Door To Prosperity


There are many conflicting thoughts about money. You may think these conflicts reside with other people and while that may be true, many of them also reside within you. Some people value money so much that they hoard it. “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” they say. Others avoid money because, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Others work hard to accumulate it, believing that if they work hard, accumulate money and become successful, then they will be happy. Beliefs about money drive behavior whether we are aware of them or not. You cannot have negative and limiting thoughts, conscious or unconscious, about money and easily enjoy prosperity in your life.

Is prosperity our birthright? Is every human being entitled to an abundant and prosperous life? If that is so, then why do so many have so little? Who am I to ask for more when there is so much suffering in the world due to lack?

To answer these questions we must move beyond the duality and linear thinking of third dimensional energies. If we can step into the unlimited world view of 4th and 5th dimensional energies, then we can see a different paradigm. This is an abundant world. There is enough for everyone and everyone is entitled to an abundant and prosperous life. As an example, denying yourself so that others can have more is lack. And it is this lack, buried within your subconscious, that keeps abundance from you. You may think it is a noble thought, but at its root it is a belief that there is lack in the universe.

The Universe Is Aligned For Prosperity

Prosperity is our birthright and the Universe is aligned for this. If you had more resources at your disposal could you not do more good in the world? Perhaps travel helping those in need; take off from work and share your skills with others; donate to worthy causes; create a foundation for a cause you are passionate about. The potential for you to make a difference in the world increases because you have more resources at your disposal. Money is a tool. The more prosperity you have, the more freedom you have to help others.

The Four Keys

There is a popular belief that if you visualize it, then you can have it. This is true but only partially true. There are other keys necessary to unlock the door to prosperity and this is only the first.

The second key is to lessen the hold negative beliefs have in your subconscious mind. Since these are suppressed, most of us are unaware of them. Therefore, it is important you inquire inward, being as honest as possible to identify and reprogram the subconscious. Hypnotherapy and energy healing are helpful in this regard. These beliefs reside as thought forms in the chakras and aura. Clearing them is helpful in unlocking the third key.

Clearing the energy channels, chakras and meridians of any obstructing energies is the third key that must be unlocked. Doing so opens the spiritual cord, allowing you to access ever more spiritual energy. This newly found energy will do many things for you including energizing the thought forms that you create in the first key of visualizing. The bigger the chakras; the bigger the effect.

The fourth key to unlock is Karma. You have to be karmically entitled to prosperity. Without good karma nothing works. Think of it this way. Abundance is the form, the yin. The energy of success is the yang. A light bulb (the yin or form) cannot work without electricity (the yang or karma). You can have the best light bulb in the world, but without the juice, nothing happens. You can have all the other keys unlocked but prosperity karma; it will be unlikely that you will enjoy prosperity.

Karma is the energy of cause and effect. For every cause there is an effect. Karma influences everything. This is what the Lord Jesus meant when he advocated the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Of course, the reason most people do not believe this is due to the time lag between action and effect. The effects of our actions do not immediately come back to us and, therefore, they are hard to fathom. This, however, is changing.

A discussion on how to transmute karma requires more time than this article allows. Stay tuned for future discussions on how to do so.

Remember the four keys to prosperity. Work with them diligently and consistently. Put them into practice and you will soon see the results. May you be blessed with tremendous success, abundance and prosperity.

David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT

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