Ascension – A New Set of Soul Contracts


Spiritually, many people refer to our current phase of evolution on planet earth as ascension. Beginning in the 1800s, but becoming fully focused as of December 2012, the world and all life forms are rising in vibration to reclaim unity with our true spiritual source, while maintaining our individual bodies and identities. It is an exciting time when we can begin to find meaning and fulfillment in ways that have been thwarted in the past.

Our previous phase of evolution we call the ‘old world’; a long period of building individual souls and life forms that would someday be able to experience unity with our own unique aspect of the One spirit of life. The journey was one of separating from oneness and surrendering into the lower energies of form, in order to develop capabilities of body and soul that we needed to express our true selves as individuals; part of the larger whole, but each unique. Experiences of pain, loneliness and limitation have been tools to build soul qualities and human strengths toward this goal. Through the process of ascension, the suffering of the past is released and we retain the gifts we have built, which allow us to become whole within our individual selves.

In this new phase of our evolution, the rules have changed. Where you may have struggled in the past to overcome traumas and limitations, those things can shift with increasing ease, setting you free to experience yourself as more whole on every level of body, soul and spirit.

This period of shifting from old contracts to new is creating some chaos in politics, finances and the weather, among other things. Some of this is necessary so that the old can pass away, opening us to experience this new phase of evolution and fulfillment.

When you enter into a lifetime, you contract for experiences to help you develop your body and soul. In the old world much of our growth occurred from states of limitation. Life was like a workout machine, with people and circumstances contracted to give each individual a workout that increased in challenge as their potential grew. This kind of evolution has been in place for all our lifetimes up until now.

The new world contracts allow us to release the post-traumatic stress of the old world experience. Where we have been limited, wounded, victimized, angry, hurt or fearful, we get to let that go. We have the opportunity increasingly to heal those things with ease and by the power of grace – simple forgiveness, without blame. Whether we have blamed ourselves or others for our suffering, as our vibrations rise into greater harmony with our higher nature and intelligence, we realize that it has all been purposeful and that blame is no longer relevant. We each have had the experiences we needed in order to grow the bodies and souls that will house our true self increasingly over the coming decades here on earth. We find ourselves increasingly able to respond to life from a place of confidence, inner strength and unconditional love; this helps us to forgive and the forgiveness sets us free to enjoy life in ways we have longed for since the beginning of time.

Right now, we are on the cusp of this experience. We still experience our old world state of being, but we are increasingly rising into the new. In any given day we may find ourselves feeling clear and bright and in harmony with life, and then feeling beaten down and victimized by it. We may feel pure unconditional love and then find ourselves angry and judgmental, all within a brief period of time. This gives us the opportunity to choose how to respond to ourselves, as well as the frustrations and limitations of life. These opposite waves of experience can all be greeted with increased acceptance. Simply releasing blame and rolling with the moment will help you find the still and enlightened core that is growing within you. Forgive yourself, forgive the others; trust that life is taking you to a better place.

Through my spiritual healing and ascension work and classes, I help people ride these waves of change with ease. Because things are ready to shift now, a single healing can have life-altering results for an individual and those connected to them by family, soul group and culture. We are all together in this journey, so when one person changes, it makes change easier for many others too. It’s a bit like springtime when the ice begins to break up; huge sheets can break off from what was previously rock hard. Now life is shifting in mass and we are moving at an increasingly brisk pace into the new world.

This increased change is possible because the old contracts have been fulfilled. Where we were working within the laws of karma and had many lessons to finish before we could raise our consciousness, now we are moving with the laws of grace. Forgiveness, like a wave of change within all of life, is causing the ice of our old world blocks and limitation to break up and melt, setting us free with increasing speed to live in unconditional love, unity and to find our true place and purpose within creation.

by Eve Wilson


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