Following Your Excitement


March is a good time to think about your inner and outdoor gardens. What are you planting and creating – now and in the “future?” The Divine wants us to be happy and enjoy heaven on earth. How can you plant or create more happiness in your life? For many of us, all our passion is not spent at a 9-5 job, so it’s important to make time during the week to ignite our passion via hobbies, exercise, dancing, playing, gardening, yoga, meditation, healing or simply daydreaming.

By making time every week to follow your excitement, this passion for life is reignited. Eventually, this new found passion may attract more positive things into your life such as love and prosperity. Daily meditations can help us get to this better place.

Take a moment to think deeply on what your excitement is instead of focusing on the negative. In the crystal healing therapy, I teach my students how to eliminate their self-limiting beliefs. Once you know what excitement you want to follow – listen to what fears pop up. These fears are our guides to our limiting beliefs that hold us back from following our excitement. Create positive affirmations to help you attract what you need. For example, I used to say “I wish I had more clients.” Now everyday I say, “I AM happy and grateful for all my clients.” This shifts me from fear and worry and helps attract more clients because it’s what I’m focused on. When creating positive thought forms – you always want to say it in gratitude, as if its already happening and use your happy emotions like “joyously grateful.” Here are some helpful stones to help get us closer to our excitement.

Calcite helps us to be more spontaneous. Amazonite helps to focus on our true self. Sugilite helps us remember our life path. Danburite helps us to shine our light. Phantom Quartz helps us see the many different aspects of our lives. Amethyst helps us release old patterns. Golden Topaz aids in overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

Carrying these stones in our aura for 30 days will help to instill their qualities. You can also choose one of the above stones and for 30 days hold the stone on your solar plexus chakra repeating 7 times, “This stone is vibrating – to remove all of my limiting beliefs.” Then hold the stone at your heart chakra and repeat 7 times, “This stone is vibrating to remove all of my fears and ignite my excitement.” Next hold the stone at your third eye chakra and repeat 7 times, “This stone is vibrating to help me follow my highest excitement.” After 30 days you will hopefully see great changes occurring in your life and a stronger joy toward following your excitement. Have fun!

Jennifer Vanderwal

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Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal healing instructor since 2004. She’s a Master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoku system of Reiki since 1999. She offers classes in crystal healing and reiki. Her therapies include crystal healing facilitator and spiritual counselor. 248-672-0579 or She teaches classes and offers chakra balancing with gemstones and Crystal Healing Sessions at Bodyworks Healing Center, 734 416-5200,


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