Just because a psychic tells you something, that doesn’t make it true. Discernment. So necessary, especially when you’re truly hoping for high-level guidance about your life.

If the message feels off, feels uncomfortable, chances are good that it is off. This doesn’t mean that everything in a reading has to make perfect sense. We can be unaware of many things that are true about our situation and ourselves.

It’s not that new information is false merely because it is data that is unknown to us. That’s where being open-minded can help you accept information that hadn’t entered your mind and yet is true.

But if a psychic tells you something that makes you feel bad about yourself, the source of the message isn’t pure and true. A message that makes you feel less than loved comes from a less evolved source. Because like attracts like, the psychic who gives you demeaning information is not working in the highest way.

High-level information from loving sources never causes you to feel bad about yourself. Even if you are engaged in activities that aren’t wholesome, a high-level source talks to you about this in a loving and non-judgmental way.

Here are examples of psychic messages to ignore, including boasts from the psychic:
· I am the best psychic out there.
· I am more evolved than you are.
· You will never find true love.
· You will find that love if you work with me and pay me to help you.
· You are going to die at this age or on this date.
· You have a really dark aura and life is going to go very badly for you unless you pay me to help you.
· In exchange for my help clearing out your dark energy, let me use your credit card. My son is going to college this month and I’ll just use it to pay for some items for him.

Psychic messages given with unconditional love are the ones to believe in:
· You are a beautiful soul and God and your Spirit Helpers love you very much.
· You are never alone.
· Yes, you can achieve that which you desire.
· Here are some things you can do to achieve the results you want.
· These are potential results of the course of action you are considering.
· As you grow and evolve, your life will get better and better.
· You are gifted and you can develop your talents to a very high level.

Well-trained psychics can give you amazing insights and help you with any part of your life if they are working in a clear, pure, loving way. They can help you understand and achieve what you want.

It’s when a psychic is trying to control you, fool you, impress you, or take advantage of you in some way that their message becomes skewed. Ignore advice from that type of reader and don’t go back to them. Find a gifted psychic who will help you with no strings attached.

That’s discernment.

Shala Kilmer


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