If the Christ, or the Buddha returned today…would you recognize Him?


Looking at world affairs today, reading and watching the daily news, it seems that all we hear about is corruption, sectarian conflict, war and death. Is that all that’s happening in the world? And if so, is there any possibility that something can be done to create a better world, one in which no one goes without the basic necessities of life and the opportunities needed to develop the God-given talents that make our lives worth living?

Yes, indeed there is such a possibility, in fact more than just a possibility, a distinct probability. A story has been developing, largely under the radar of mainstream news, that promises the world…to the world. A great spiritual Teacher has returned to the everyday world to inspire us, to awaken us to who we really are, and to stimulate that divine potential or spark that exists within each of us, and fan it into the glorious Flame of Love and Light. From that Light, humanity will create as never before, will radiate the Love of God to all the kingdoms, and eventually banish the pain and suffering that defines so many lives today.

His personal name is Maitreya, “the happy one”. He embodies the Love energy of God and daily sends that Love throughout the world, stimulating and uplifting the hearts of all who are open. He appears to many people throughout the world, whether they know who He is or not. He heals, He comforts, He inspires joy. For 30 years, the readers of Share International magazine have read letters from hundreds of people who describe surprising, unforgettable encounters with an extraordinary man, or woman, or even a child. In each case, the writers express wonder and joy that someone would know and speak to their innermost cares. The editor of the magazine, Benjamin Creme, who is in moment to moment contact with one of Maitreya’s Disciples, a Master of Wisdom, then verifies that the encounter was with Maitreya.

Maitreya does not come alone on His mission of rescue, salvage and rehabilitation. He comes as the Head of His Group of Masters, those spiritual Giants who make up Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and have guided humanity since our very beginning on this planet. Every major historic figure who has contributed to humanity’s progress and delight has been a disciple of one or another of these Masters. They are experts in every field of human endeavor – science, the arts, religion, social/economic/political work. Maitreya is Their Master and Architect of the Plan for humanity.

They have come to demonstrate Their ability to work openly on the physical plane as part of Their evolutionary path. That provides us, humanity, an historic opportunity to advance in all areas of life if we choose to allow Them to teach us what They have learned through their thousands of years of living as men and women in the world. Each of us treads the same path that They have trodden on the road to Mastery.

They know the road, the pitfalls, and are willing to share Their wisdom with us, if we choose. But we must invite them to do so, for They may not infringe human free will.

When enough people are responding to this information, He will present His credentials on “Declaration Day”, when He will “speak” to all people, over the age of 14, in their native languages. Many millions will be healed. All will experience the Love of God physically, and so will realize the oneness of all humanity. This transformative experience will lead to our finally ending war, and therefore we will be given the Technology of Light that will provide for all our energy needs without pollution. A spectacular creative period will begin, and man will create a brilliant civilization unknown on Earth before.

Every tradition, religious and non religious, expects its Teacher to return with new revelation: Christians expect the return of the Christ, Jews the Messiah; Muslims await the Imam Mahdi; Hindus Sri Krishna; Buddhists await the Fifth Buddha, Maitreya Buddha foretold to come by Prince Gautama, the previous Buddha. Historically, at the beginning of each age, a Teacher has come to show the way, point the path for the new time, usually working through a Senior Disciple. At this start of the Age of Aquarius, for the first time in human history, the Teacher has come Himself. Our recognition of this opportunity will determine humanity’s future, for we must act and make the choice to rebuild the world based on Love, sharing resources and creating the justice needed for a world at peace.

Betsy Whitfill

BA in Philosophy from Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA, 1963
Correspondent for Share International magazine
Share-International.org * info@Share-International.us * 818-785-6300


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