The Holistic Process of Healthy Weight Loss


There is an anomaly in this country: there are more gyms, yoga studios and diets than any time in history and yet obesity continues to rise. Years ago, much of the food we ate was farm fresh and delivered to our door. Even portions at restaurants were smaller. Today, Americans consume more processed and fast foods due to a sedentary, fast paced, dual income society thriving on convenience. Our evolved lifestyle and habits have led to a health epidemic.

As a result, many of us struggle with our weight, and we are often bombarded with conflicting information leaving us confused and frustrated. Every day there seems to be a new diet, device, or secret supplement claiming to trim inches off our waist. Even plastic surgery is at an all-time high. This desperate demand for weight loss is the perfect storm for scams – but don’t be fooled!

Healthy weight loss does not have to be complicated or even expensive. Holistic health coach Sara Hoffman
( agrees stating, “…take the time to find healthy meals you LOVE– your benefits of higher energy, clearer skin, and better sleep will keep you going, allowing you to be more active and keep you motivated; it becomes a holistic process and the weight loss is just a symptom.”

Another part of this holistic process is removing the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary. Dieting may seem like a quick fix, but it has multiple problems. First, it is temporary. You will not diet forever. You will eventually get tired of restricting yourself and counting calories, gain the weight back, and end up more frustrated than before. Second, diets are generally not healthy because they rob you of necessary nutrients. Instead, make gradual positive changes. Choose one small habit a day like drinking more water, eating more fruit, parking further away, taking the stairs, or getting more sleep. Your body will appreciate any positive change you make, and before you know it these small changes will become big changes. And don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to be “perfect” either – this will only stress you out and make things worse.

If you struggle with your weight, are tired of endless diets that don’t work, or simply need to cut through all the clutter, consider a health coach. Instead of seeking instant gratification that compromises your health, a health coach can guide and motivate you to develop lifelong healthy habits. Together, you can discover what is holding you back and create a plan for success.

~ Glenn J. White


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