Hooray for Hair!


Hair is a beautiful covering on our head, which also keeps us warm in winter. It is also one of the easiest ways to determine our internal health. Hair analysis can provide a graphic record of slow changes in body chemistry. Minerals in the hair are ten times the level that is in the blood, making it easier to detect in the hair, especially trace minerals.

Hair analysis is one of the few ways to obtain a permanent, reproducible, graphic record of deep changes in body chemistry according to Dr. Larry Wilson, M.D. Hair analysis is a simple test that analyzes mineral levels. It is a screening tool that provides a reading of the mineral deposition in the hair over a 2-3 month period.
Blood tests cannot be compared to hair analysis. Hair tests only measure minerals in the hair. Each test measures a different system and different body compartments. In blood tests, the minerals are maintained at the expense of the tissues. The minerals will be moved from the tissues to the blood to maintain blood levels.

Toxic minerals are not found in the blood except right after acute exposure. They concentrate in the soft tissues, not in the blood or urine. Blood, urine, electro-diagnosis, muscle testing/kinesiology and x-ray are affected by day-to-day and minute-to-minute fluctuations in metabolism, but not hair analysis. What is seen in hair analysis is the overall body burden of heavy metal toxicity, chronic deficiencies, stress, and persistent metabolic imbalances.

The human body is an energy producing machine. Adequate energy production influences every aspect of health and healing. Hair analysis provides an assessment of one’s stress level and aging rate. The aging rate is the rate at which the body burns food. Knowing the aging rate is very useful in determining dietary needs, as well as nutritional supplements.

From a small sample of hair we can learn the following:
Metabolic rate
Stage of stress or stress level
How one is handling stress
Immune system status
Adrenal gland activity
Thyroid gland activity
Eating too many carbohydrates
Energy levels
Tendencies for over 30 illnesses before they manifest
Eating sufficient protein
Whether vegetarian diet is working
Nutrient deficiencies
Toxic metals
Hypoglycemia or sugar issue

Besides toxicity, hair analysis measures the various key minerals in the body. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body, and are involved in all body functions. Hair mineral patterns can reflect mental and emotional conditions. It can tell if one is prone to anxiety, depression, phobias, mood swings, sugar cravings and more.

This inexpensive, informative, non-invasive hair analysis test can be performed on all ages, all hair types, and includes a detailed written report. It is a simple way to monitor health and diet changes, supplementation effectiveness, basic mineral and toxicity levels, and hormone balance. Hair analysis may help provide the answers to those chronic health challenges.

By Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, BS, DC, ND


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