The 7 Essential Universal Laws


The Law of Attraction
The Law of Deliberate Creation
The Law of Allowing
The Law of Sufficiency & Abundance
The Law of Pure Potentiality
The Law of Detachment
The Law of Polarity

These are the most essential Universal Laws. So why is it important to learn how to use these laws?

Well, how successful would you be at playing a game if you had no idea what the rules were? How successful would you be at arriving at a destination if you had no map, no directions, no compass and all of the road signs were written in a foreign language? How would you build a house without a set of plans?

In the same way, how are you to live your life successfully without knowing the Laws of the Universe? These laws exist whether you are aware of them or not, or if you choose to apply them or not. They work 100% of the time. Just as gravity makes no distinctions or judgments as to whom it works for, Universal Laws operate within the same precise and absolute fashion. Because of the Law of Gravity, if you jump off a cliff, you will fall regardless of whether you are young or old, Black or White, rich or poor, or religious or atheist. None of that matters to gravity, nor does it matter to any of the Universal Laws.

Universal Laws, also known as Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature, are the unwavering and unchanging principles that rule our entire universe. In every conscious waking moment, you are manifesting your future. By your very nature, you are a creator. You cannot not create. But the question is, “Are you creating on purpose or are you creating by default?”

Ignorance of these laws can be the reason why you might be experiencing debt, unfulfilled relationships, dissatisfaction at your job or ill health. The vast majority of people are never actually aware of these laws and do not learn how to apply them to create the life that they dream of. Becoming aware of and using these laws to deliberately create your life will bring you back into balance with focused intent. This can mean the difference between a life of anxiety, struggle and lack, or a life filled with joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Learning about these laws is only the first step. It’s not what you know that changes your life, it’s what you DO with what you know. The second step is TAKING ACTION and actually applying these laws. This causes energy to move and that’s when shifts begin taking place. What determines how these laws work in your life and what you create through using them, is a direct result of how you as an individual apply them.

An important key to successfully applying these 7 Essential Universal Laws is to stop using your personal will to make things happen and start tapping into Divine Will and allow things to happen. When you do this, all of the Universal Laws work together to create the tapestry of a life beautifully fulfilled.

If you are interested in learning more about the 7 Essential Universal Laws, how they work together and how to apply them to change your life at it’s deepest core, a new 8 week class series is now forming and begins Monday, April 14. Visit or call Marilyn Maceri 810-394-5674 or Michelle Pawl-Gierak 586-713-2319 for more info.

Marilyn G. Maceri


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