The Essence of Effective Mind Body Spirit Medicine


2013-08-09 13.53.04Mind body spirit medicine is spiritually based medicine. It cultivates health through applying mind body spirit principles and practices. The health of our mind and body, is a reflection of the health of our spirit. All illnesses, whether of mind, body or behavior point towards a deeper spiritual disturbance. Complete healing of the illness can only be achieved through healing at the spiritual level.

We have gained much control over the way our body superficially expresses health with conventional medicine. This is often mistaken as a cure. Yet, pills and surgeries do not address the deeper spiritual root cause of illnesses. That inner turmoil will simply find another form of expression if left unaddressed. In our culture, there is a growing realization that we are missing something as more of us are getting firsthand experiences of the limits of modern medicine. Our culture is ready for mind body spirit work.

Before starting this work, there are two important spiritual principles to understand for success. The value of all other principles and practices depends on how well they help us apply these principles in ever deepening ways.

1. Spiritual healing is the result of developing a direct relationship with God. Even those of us who have had no spiritual connection before, or have a rejection towards the idea of God can access spiritual guidance. The door is unlocked by sincerely wishing to have an inner loving attitude towards all and proving this with our actions.
2. The Law of Karma determines the quality and depth of this relationship. Known in Christian religions as “that which we do to others is done to us”. This law is true of our words and behaviors, but also true of our hidden intentions such as our thoughts and fantasies. When karma surfaces, the exact circumstances do not have to match. However, the way we end up feeling will.

The rational solution to develop our spiritual connection, is simply to maintain loving intentions in all situations and towards all people, including ourselves and our thoughts and God. Achieving loving intentions in all aspects of life requires 24/7 mind body spirit work. This work can be divided into three categories and ALL three must be done simultaneously for success:

1. Outer work:
We review all aspects of our lives with an open mind and are willing to change anything that is negative. We even consider major life changes such as where we live, our job and our closest relationships. Getting rid of the negative is not enough for spiritual healing. We are also proactive and adopt a new more loving spiritual lifestyle and job. The most important outer work we will do, is to become an active and useful member of our community.

2. Inner work:
It is critical to adopt practices that help us to better focus our attention inwards, because our innermost intentions are often hidden from us. Inner practices are typically done when we are alone, or least when we are not socializing with others. Meditation, prayer, journaling, reflective walks in nature, yoga and art are all excellent forms of inner work. Some form of inner work will become a part of our daily routine. It is a time we will set aside to nourish ourselves.

3. Applied inner work.
Through our inner work, we will learn how to process our emotions and bring balance to our mind body and spirit. Naturally we will want to feel this well being as we go through our day to day routine, not just in our down time. We will do our best to maintain the inward focus as we go about our day. This will help us notice non-loving aspects of our lives much quicker, because we will see things about ourselves that we could never have when we moved through our day mentally absorbed. We may immediately discover new outer work that we can engage in to improve our lives. In doing so, we become a source of positivity for all.

A variety of mind body spirit resources will be needed to keep us focused on the positive, in a world of confusion. Peace is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh also has a collection of excellent applied inner practices. The Spiritual Treasures, Final Edition has a comprehensive collection of resources for all three aspects of mind body spirit work.

Through persistent application of these three types of mind body spirit work we will experience the release of a burden that we may not have realized we carried. Our hearts will have opened and healing will occur at the spiritual level. As a result of this spiritual health, our mind, body and behaviors will effortlessly express health as well. This work goes far beyond just establishing physical health. It is our life purpose to know ourselves as loving souls.

Author Bio
Roger Gietzen is a medical doctor who after an intense and unexpected spiritual experience immediately saw the shortcomings of modern medicine. He now shares insights from his spiritual path in his mind body spirit clinic, Healthy Mind Body.


  1. Thanks for sharing your success story. I hope more come to make the same realization as yourself and take control of their lives and their health.
    The “do or die” situation you encountered, creates the perfect mentality for inner change, when people are determined to succeed no matter what.
    There are ways to create this mentality through applying mind body spirit work under one’s direct control.

  2. I fully agree that health and happiness are a product of mind, body, and spirit. The more the physical, emotional and spiritual are in harmony the healthier and happier we are.
    I had tried everything I could find medically and holistically and still my fibromyalgia raged on out of control. The pain was excruciating. I could not longer teach. I was unable to take care of my home, myself, or my pets. I was considering spending the remainder of my days in a nursing home.
    It was then my uncle introduced me to the unique mind, body, spirit wellness work of Joy of Healing. Thanks to them I have been both pain and prescription free for over thirteen years.


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