Finding Satisfaction


Within each living soul there is a deeper place which longs to be filled. It calls, pulls and tugs us in all kinds of directions seeking satisfaction, but what we need is already present within our own self.

The seed of longing is planted within to compel us through life experiences; to learn, grow and ultimately come to realize that satisfaction from outside of one’s self is very temporary. Satisfaction may arrive in our lives in a moment and be gone just as quickly, leaving its memory and an even deeper longing to be fulfilled.

Once the awareness is reached that satisfaction from an outside source is illusory, where do we go from there? Do we stuff ourselves with more and more food, mood altering substances, relationships, money or things? Do we become jaded and bored with life? Don’t give up, get wise! There is a reason for everything and the drive for satisfaction is purposeful too.

Within you is the very thing you desire most; and the drive toward satisfaction, when turned inward toward the true core of your being will ultimately guide you to discover it. But in order to have it you need to overcome the addiction to outward stimulation and stop trying to fill the hole in your soul with temporary or illusory things. Outer satisfactions are good, but they are the icing on the cake, they are not the cake. You are the satisfaction you seek.

You are more than your body, emotions and mind; you are an eternal focus of spiritual being, a presence of truth and unconditional love. You have been building a vehicle to carry you into the world through all of your incarnations. While up until now you have been mostly outside of it, you have guided your soul through challenges that would develop it into a vehicle for your true self to live within. Your soul is your spiritual vehicle and it lives within the physical vehicle of your body. Through all of your lifetimes you have been developing soul muscles, strengths, gifts and potentials that would make your soul a suitable place for your eternal spirit to live. This is the lifetime where you are beginning to wake up within your soul and body to actualize yourself within the world. It is time for you to be here!

It is the state of unity between body, soul and divine-eternal self that will satisfy you. Until now, food, mood altering substances, success and relationships were as close as you could come, but they are temporary satisfactions at best. Realizing this, many follow religion or a spiritual path, which may be a step in the right direction for them. However, sooner or later, one has to take the leap of faith and own the potential within their own soul in their own unique way.

It is as though you have a gorgeous sports car, sitting in your driveway, but you don’t know how to drive it, so you keep giving the keys to other people; doctors, spiritual leaders, psychologists, parents, friends, lovers. But no one can drive your body and soul successfully except for you. No one can tell you how to drive it, because each person’s soul is unique. People can talk about their own journey and experience, which may inspire you. However, reading someone else’s driver’s manual won’t tell you how to drive your own vehicle. You are the creator of it and you need to master it for yourself.

I laugh to write this, because I make a living healing and teaching spiritually. It is what I am good at and what my vehicle is designed to do. But I am all about leading people toward mastery of their own soul.

How do you master yourself? Here are some suggestions that may help point you in the right direction:

– When you crave satisfaction, whether through food, substances, entertainment or relationships, begin by seeking a connection to your own aspect of God within your heart, mind and body. It is a seed within every facet of your being. Invite that to grow stronger within you and to fill the craving you have. Then you can enjoy your outer satisfactions from a place of increased wholeness, rather than as a hole trying to get filled.

– Spend more time quietly meditating, either sitting, or walking, inside or in nature, and less time seeking entertainment and stimulation. Listen within and find wisdom within your own self.

– When you are uncomfortable, invite your personal aspect of God within to come directly into the discomfort and help you find comfort and unity there. Allow wisdom and understanding about the associated circumstances in your life to rise up within you and help guide you in your life. This brings healing and helps you evolve to complete your soul contracts for this lifetime.

– Love yourself and others unconditionally, without judgment and expectation, authentically accepting what is and being open to understanding why it is that way. Everything has a purpose. Even love your judgment unconditionally (it doesn’t help to judge your judgment!).

May these suggestions help you find the beautiful gem of yourself which is the one thing the world needs most from you. Once you find it, nurture it with loving attention and watch it grow.

by Eve Wilson


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