Live On Purpose


One of the greatest pains is when you hold back the love and LIFE seeking to burst out of your heart. What you repress…depresses. When you hold back the full expression of your creativity, feelings and love, you block the river of Grace waiting to be felt in you, and as you. When you let go of an emotion or thought, you return to an experience of prosperity and life force.

You don’t have to “find your purpose” before you live on purpose! Many of the people I mentor get stuck in “How?” and “What?” before they can walk through the threshold of their becoming. When you are willing to face the darkness within (love yourself), and give love to all you meet, you can walk through the door of your soul’s next evolution. Your inward surrender directly affects your outward receptivity to the good that surrounds you. Compassionately witnessing your feelings aligns you with quantum potential of your dynamic destiny. Or, saying the same thing yet another way: self-acceptance has the power to change your life.

Life…work…relationships…family…they are the perfect training ground for you to realize your full divine potential. Just as the bud is programmed to become the tree, there is a plan already in place for you in the mind of God. But first you must bloom where you are planted. Stop thinking ‘your good’ or ‘life purpose’ is in the future. It is here right now. Your life…is waiting to be lived. The Grace…the good….the joy… require your full participation. Feel the invitation in your bones. The time is now.

You are loved and cherished. Your very breath is witnessed with adoration by the angels. Don’t waste one more day by doubting your worthiness. You are already magnificent. This magnificence is not something you can create or ‘make happen’, but rather something you yield to. Surrender to your divine appointment and let the energy of the universe be felt in you…and through you.

“Every cell in your body seeks to actualize at its highest creative level to synergistically collaborate with other cells. One cell becomes a liver cell, and other a heart cell and so on. Every once in a while a cell forgets and does its own thing…and tries to create it’s own kingdom. This is called a cancer cell” – Marianne Williamson

You have an assignment from Creation to become what you were born to be. Stop asking ‘how’ or ‘what’ before you fully cross your inner threshold. Are you resisting the flow of life by waiting for life, work, or the relationship to change before you fully become yourself? Remember, it is not the person or conditions that irritate you. The emotional signal is you holding back your full magnificence in their presence and using them as an excuse. Don’t let the material world define you. Admit when you are triggered, but allow the emotions to be a fertilizer for a new way of thinking.

You can be you AND be loved. In fact, being you IS Love. As children we learn to be something other than authentic to gain attention or approval. Your little child within needs to be reminded that she/he is loved, and lovable. Many times, my clients will feel if they fully become themselves and embrace their magnificence they will be alone. This is not true. When you make a deep commitment to listen to your heart, love yourself, and not compromise your integrity, you draw to you people that resonate with your inward convictions.

‘Lucy’ had spent years trying to find her purpose and “heal all her issues”. In session, she was guided into an insight of her already present wholeness. Lucy realized that she was waiting to be ‘emotionally perfect’ before she fully engaged each day and her current relationships. When she realized she was denying the present by waiting for some future good, she gave herself permission to be a full participant in her life now.

Only you can sing your unique song into your life. Your emotional struggles and life issues can become gifts if you are willing to be gentle with yourself and ask for help. “Cells” that try to do everything alone create a tumorous encasing of isolated suffering. Be open to receiving love and ask for help. Denying love in the present because of past betrayals only keeps you from allowing in the people you need to become fully you. We are here to collaborate with other “cells” and accomplish together what we cannot do alone.

Over the years I have cultivated and allowed in my life a team of friends, healers, and spiritual teachers to support me. I know when I allow myself to be a good student I become an even better spiritual teacher to others. When I allow myself to be vulnerable and nourished, my already present magnificence is given roots to expand. I encourage you to reach out and ask potential friends to lunch, ask for help, and let a spiritual teacher guide you. This support will give you the grounding to see opportunities to serve, live on purpose, and give your gifts in only the way you can. If you don’t inwardly fully open to love now, you won’t see the opportunities that present themselves.

In service,

Barbra White


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