Shaking Off the Winter Blues Using Stones


As we begin to wake from Winter’s slumber, working with crystals can make the seasonal transition more rewarding. The best way to get maximum benefits from these stones is by keeping them on you for 30 days. You can wear them in a piece of jewelry or simply carry them in your pocket. One month is a sufficient amount of time for the stones to activate and clear energy blockages in your body.

Carnelian is a great stone because it helps open our sacral chakra while re-igniting our passions. It also gives us the energy to move forward. Peridot helps give us what we need to transition smoothly through change. Blue Kyanite can help open and balance our chakras, but also helps us to meet the people who can guide us on our path. Clear Quartz aids us in focusing and amplifying our energies and thoughts. Lepidolite has a high content of lithium which can help get us out of the Winter blues.

Citrine with its sunshiny, happy energy, aids in attracting to us what we are predominately thinking about. Green or Golden Calcite are both good for removing blockages and helping us to be spontaneous and playful. The Amber stone helps us tune into the Mother Earth. Hematite helps us to be grounded in the present “now.” Another great crystal is Rose Quartz, which is symbolic with opening our heart chakras and helping us love more freely.

Another simple way to use the stones is the medicine wheel array. This can be beneficial for bringing balance into our lives, connecting with the four directions, and helps us have a visual aid as a representation of what we are attracting. For this medicine wheel/crystal array you can place it on your altar, at the head of your bed or at work, as long as it’s put in an undisturbed place.

In the center, place a stone you want to represent yourself, as you are now. Then pick four stones to place around the center stone – one in each of the four cardinal directions. The direction of North is the place of the “mind.” East is “illumination.” South synchronizes with our “emotions,” and West is “meditation.” Now you can choose stones that intentionally help you attract the energies you want for each direction.

For example, in the center I may place Rose Quartz as myself. In the North, Clear Quartz to help me focus on my goals. Citrine in the East will help with what I am attracting, and Lepidolite in the South will help me remember that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Plus, the stone Hematite can help you stay grounded in meditations.

Try sitting in this array with the four stones around you, placed in the four cardinal directions. While you do this, hold onto the center stone while you meditate. Have fun while you practice shaking off the Winter blues and welcoming a vibrant, new Spring!

Jennifer VanderWal


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