Soul Mates & Soul Groups


As we enjoy lovers, friends and family in our earthly lives, we are blessed with Soul Mates and Soul Groups between our incarnations, in the spiritual realm. Through relationships with others, a soul has the opportunity to practice love, compassion, forgiveness, and to learn more about one’s self, as an eternal, evolving being of light. A soul can also extend its existence, joining with another through twin flame energy, allowing two people to share their experiences as one whole.

In my work as a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL) therapist, as taught by Journey of Souls author Dr. Michael Newton, I have the honor to help clients reconnect with their Soul Mates and Soul Groups in our LBL sessions.

Soul Mates

Nothing captivates the imagination more than the eternal bonds of love that two souls can share. Most of us have a primary Soul Mate, a person with whom we dance and play and learn together through many lifetimes. While primary Soul Mates may sometimes choose to experience family or friendly relationships, they usually plan to be romantic companions in their earthly lifetimes. Living side by side, they help one another in meeting life’s challenges.

In LBL sessions, clients may usually communicate with their primary Soul Mate, soul to soul:
“She is shining… the love I feel… we’ve been through so much together.”

There are times, however, when Soul Mates must spend time apart, even entire lifetimes, in order to grow and develop on their own.
“We’re almost in a dependency… lost without each other… when it comes to our progress, there is a delicate balance between helping and hindering.”

After separation, when Soul Mates meet once again, whether in life, death, or in an LBL session — how sweet is that reunion.

Soul Groups

A Soul Group is a close-knit ‘family’ of spirits with whom a person has shared countless incarnations in various roles. There is a friendly feeling of being with fellow students, moving through various levels and schools of existence. They work, play, and learn together in the spiritual dimension.

Soul Group friends are another form of Soul Mates, and indeed, one’s primary Soul Mate is usually present in one’s Soul Group.

Being greeted by your brother/sister souls in an LBL session is a most enjoyable experience. There is laughter here, and sometimes tears of joy. As you receive pure love and acceptance without condition, your heart feels, knows, a deep sense of belonging.
“We’re here together. They’re standing in front of me… arranged in a sort of crescent. They all communicate love… we’ve all been in each other’s past lives… it’s my family, it’s home.”

While our Soul Mates and Soul Group friends may be currently incarnated and involved in our daily earthly lives, there is also a spiritual portion of them that can communicate with us from above, sending advice, insights and creative inspiration. The next time you receive a heavenly inspiration, ask from whence it came… you may learn the eternal spirit name of your own Soul Mate or Soul Sister!

Scott F De Tamble is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For 14 years, he has guided hundreds of clients to a deeper understanding of their immortal soul and their current life’s mission. He is a contributing author to the Newton Institute book, ‘Memories of the Afterlife,’ and is featured in Hollywood director Rich Martini’s documentary film and book, ‘Flipside,’ an entertaining look into our eternal spiritual nature.

Scott F De Tamble, C. Ht.
Phone: (909) 241-2844


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