A Threefold Path to Higher Spiritual Energies and a Greater Experience of You


Almost nonexistent rain and snow have produced a drought in California. Most of California’s fresh water comes from the mountains, either as rain or snow melt which flows into the rivers/canals, and the rivers flow into reservoirs. While more rain or snow would help, other things need to be working for the water to get to the people. The rivers and canals need to be clear of obstructions so the water can flow freely into the reservoirs, and water pumps must be properly working. If California received more rain and the rivers were dammed up in the wrong places or pumps were not working, none of the water would flow to where it was needed. What does this have to do with gaining access to higher spiritual energies? Everything.

When you understand that the body’s energy system works like the flow of water, you can use this to your advantage. Let me explain how.

Increasing The Flow Is Not Enough

Many people assume that all they need to do is increase the flow of energy and everything will take care of itself. While helpful, like with the drought example, if the rivers are clogged or the pumps aren’t working, the rain or energy has nowhere to go. Unfortunately, this is the case with most of us. Our energy channels and energy pumping stations are clogged and aren’t able to work effectively.

Anatomically, the pumps/collecting stations for the body’s energy system could be viewed as the chakra’s, and the canals and rivers are referred to as energy channels, meridians and nadis. However, because the energy anatomy cannot be observed by scientific instrumentation, it is dismissed as nonexistent. Nevertheless, it forms the basis of two very ancient and powerful healing technologies popularly known as Acupuncture and Ayurveda. These concepts also form the foundation of energy healing modalities such as Breathwork, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Esoteric Healing, Reconnective Healing, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki and so on.

How To Effectively Change The Energy Body

Most energy healing therapies work, but not all work in the same manner. To effectively change the energy body and transfer the greatest affect onto the physical body and into your life you want to:

1. Increase the source of the energy

2. Make sure the pumps and collecting stations are working properly

3. Keep the channels clear

In practical terms you want to:

1. Connect to Source. Increase the flow of divine energy into the body

2. Clear the chakras of stagnant, dirty and diseased energy. Repair tears and cracks in the chakras to ensure they are properly working

3. Clear the nadis and meridians. These energy pipes distribute energy to every living cell and enliven you.

The Benefits Of The Threefold Path

When all three work properly and together, a person exhibits freedom from pain, their life is happy and healthy and there is an ease and joy to life. Life is easy and effortless. Relationships are enlivening, nurturing, kind and respectful. Love and compassion for others abound as they look to be of service to mankind. Peace and gratitude are frequent companions in their earth walk. But know this. As you continue these practices, the positive and enlivening feelings and attitudes described deepen, they become richer and richer, to experiences beyond current comprehension.

Here are three things you can do to help yourself along the way:

1. Connect to Source through meditation and prayer. As you do, the increased energy will clean some of your energy channels simply by turning up the flow and flushing out the easy stuff.

2. Clean your energy body using meditation and other energy healing tools. This will also help you connect more deeply to Source as your system is able to hold more energy.

3. Reflect inwardly. The above two steps turn up the light. You will see more clearly your creations. Be honest with yourself. What have you created that is negative and not of love? Where have you exhibited greed, anger, fear, unworthiness and criticism? This is not self-incrimination or judgment–it is just honest reflection of what energies need to be cleared. Without truth, nothing can change.

Inward reflection is essential so that the changes made in steps 1 and 2 not only stay but deepen.

The threefold path is the path to freedom and joy. We are all going to get there. This is assured. It’s just a matter of when.

David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT

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David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT David and his wife Pat are dynamic and engaging partners to anyone who desires to restore personal power, find inner peace and live an Inspired Life. They founded the award-winning BodyWorks Healing Center in Plymouth, MI, the Global Breath Institute and are the co-creators of Ascension Breathwork. They have created a revolutionary body of work combining contemporary and ancient teachings to help you ascend above limitation and access the human potential. Their Inspired Life Mastery programs gently yet powerfully disintegrate obstructions to happiness, good health, peace, prosperity and spirituality. 734-416-5200 or ascensionbreathing.com


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