Grounding with the Base Chakra


Chakra means, “spinning wheel”. Chakra’s are places within our energetic bodies where the largest amount of energy gathers. They bring in universal energy and help us determine how we receive the information from our environment, people and the universe. Each chakra has a special function which determines how we perceive information.

There are seven major chakras that run along the front and back of our energetic bodies, along with hundreds of smaller ones. This month we are going to focus on the base chakra, which is about grounding. It keeps us grounded while we receive new information; as you read this you are grounding it into your beliefs. May is a great month to work with this chakra since the weather is getting warmer and we are spending more time with the Earth.

The base chakra is located between the legs at the base of the spine. Its color is red and its sound is “OOO” like home. Its function is to keep us grounded and to bring up vital energy from the Earth which we need to survive. The base chakra also deals with prosperity. If this chakra is weak we may feel low in energy, experience lower back pain, restless legs and generally feel disconnected. Lets say for example, you just lost your job — you might feel fearful and the base chakra would close not allowing us to draw from the Earth’s energy which we would desperately need to remain healthy in mind and body. If our attitude shifted during that same experience and we became excited about new opportunities opening up for us – then our base chakra would open – keeping us grounded so we can stay focused during the changes and supplying us with vital earth energy that our body would need. Once we open our base chakras, we feel more energized, connected to the whole and suddenly our family issues seem to dissolve; we feel more grounded and focused.

Our base chakra is synonymous with prosperity. If you are having money issues, a large part of it can be because your base chakra is closed. Also, our base chakra gives us all the abundance we need from the Earth. Often if we are in a position of fear, our base chakras are closed. By opening them back up to our abundant universe, our flow of money tends to flow fluently again. If you imagine your base chakra looking like a fist – it is hard to give money to a fist that is tightly closed. However, an open fist can grab hold of the money quite easily.

Organs affected by the flow of the base chakra include: the circulatory system, coccyx, legs, feet, ankles and sexual organs. These organs need a good flow of energy from an open base chakra to remain healthy. We can assimilate energy to water. But if the water is damned up, it cannot flow to where it’s needed. Energy is the same if a chakra is closed – there isn’t the vital flow of life force going to all the organs and places in the body where it’s needed, which in turn can cause a weakened state.

There are easy exercises that can be done to open the base chakra. For example: during meditation picture your base chakra between your legs as a big beautiful red flower; if the flower is closed your base chakra is closed. If the flower is open your base chakra is open. Visualize this red flower as closed, then see the red flower blooming with each petal opening; do this until you see the whole flower open. Now, visualize vibrant red energy going into this flower, filling up and overflowing with energizing red energy.

There are stones that can be very beneficial for opening our base chakra and help us stay grounded. Any red stone such as jasper, garnet and ruby or blacks stones like hematite black tourmaline, jet black onyx or smokey quartz. One way to ground with the stones is to place a piece of hematite under each foot and sit there for 15 minutes-half hour. If you are having money issues, you can hold a garnet on your base chakra for the same amount of time. This will open your base chakra and help you awaken to the abundant prosperity that’s available. If you need to stay grounded throughout the day, you can keep a grounding stone in your pocket like smokey quartz. Wearing the color red also helps to energize the base chakra. Spending time with the Earth helps keep our base chakra open with a healthy flow of Earth energy flowing through us. Have fun grounding and connecting with the Earth.

Jennifer Vanderwal


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