Soul Fitness for Inner and Outer Peace


It is widely known that prayer and meditation not only benefit the practitioner but also affect the world. My husband, Gary, and I were fortunate to meet Dr. Roger Nelsen while speaking together at Lynne McTaggart’s, The Field Conferences in London some years ago. Dr. Nelson coordinates research at Princeton University and he established the Global Consciousness Project in 1998, expanding the concepts of consciousness field research to global dimensions.

There is now a network of about 40 detectors around the world that record effects of major positive events, such as global meditations. These detectors take data continuously and send it over the internet to a server in Princeton, proving a correlation between what we think and our intentions and the state of the world.

For over 25 years, I was fortunate to be one of the close students of the Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, founder of The Aetherius Society (Please read the previous two issues of Body Mind Spirit Guide for information about this extraordinary man and Master). As early as the 1960s, Dr. King talked about the need for us to bring more love into the world, through prayer, healing and spiritual service.

Many of the spiritual practices taught by Dr. King are included in my latest book, Soul Fitness: A 5-Step Plan for Inner and Outer Peace. Soul Fitness is based on principles of mysticism and Quantum Physics, both of which teach that everything is energy and we create our reality. It includes spiritual practices to bring inner peace as well as outer peace through the intentional use of energy of a high frequency. This is a 5-Step progressive and powerful program to help us align more fully with the power, strength, love and inspiration within us all.

Soul Fitness captured the attention of international rock star/metaphysician, Dave Davies, founding member of, The Kinks, who offered to write the foreword. In this, he says: “As a musician who has been on many tours and performed in front of many thousands of people worldwide, I have developed my own personal spiritual practices, drawn from many sources. However, I believe that the spiritual practices and wisdom contained in this book, Soul Fitness will make a profound difference to the sincere aspirant.

The purpose of human life is the cultivation of spiritual knowledge, and you can do no better than to start right here. In Soul Fitness, Chrissie presents a concise, practical, insightful and in-depth approach to metaphysics. I know that you will be inspired and enlightened by Chrissie’s wonderful and illuminating work.”

I am now also teaching this Soul Fitness 5-Step Plan for Inner and Outer Peace in a class format. The first class will be held at The Aetherius Society in Royal Oak, on Thursday, May 29 (please see the ad for details).

This class is based on the spiritual practices I have used for over 30 years. It will include harmonious breathing, setting up a sacred space, and more. It also includes dynamic methods of directed intention/prayer and healing, designed to bring the energy of Love into the world.

I believe that where harmony exists, chaos cannot. One of our most important tasks, therefore, as caring humans is to learn how to radiate harmony or love to help transform our world. This is something we haven’t really tried, and Soul Fitness provides a way for everyone to begin. I hope you can join us for this two-hour class that will not only bring peace and harmony to you, but also will help our world!

Chrissie Blaze is a spiritual teacher and ordained priest of The Aetherius Society. She is the author of twelve books on astrology and spirituality. Her website is


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