The Divine Mother’s Love


As a mother of four amazing sons, daughter-in-laws and nana to two grandchildren, I feel the intense joyful love in my heart whenever I think of them and whenever I am with them.

They are each so uniquely beautiful, talented and gifted. Their smiles and laughter, the jokes they tell, the songs they sing, their likes and dislikes, the choices they make and their own individual perceptions of their world around them, are what makes them the uniquely beautiful souls that they are. Yet, at the same time, they are in many ways so very much alike. They are reflections of one another, and of me.

As I appreciate each of them for their unique and wonderful gifts, I feel such deep heart-felt love for who they really are. I notice the seemingly huge differences, yet they are also so similar and familiar. In this matrix of love energy I am experiencing, I am them and they are me. There is no separation, only oneness.

I then realize that this is the Love of the Divine Mother flowing in, through and all around me, loving me for my own uniqueness as well. This Love is one continuous flow that is connecting all of us. It is True Unconditional Love.

This unconditional love is so different from conditional love. Conditional love states that you have to be this or that, or you must act this way or that way in order to be “good enough” to deserve love. This really isn’t love at all, but a means to control and manipulate.

As May is the month of Mother’s Day, let us focus on Love as the Divine Mother Loves us…Unconditionally without judgment. Love as One.


Marilyn G. Maceri


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