The Universe is Thankful for You!


During meditation I was asked to tell you that the universe is thankful for you! You are appreciated for showing up each day and being yourself exactly as you are. What you contribute is essential; whether it meets with your expectations or not, isn’t the point. You were created to be just as you are, and there are reasons for that which you can’t understand yet. But the roles you were meant to play, you are playing perfectly.

Likewise, you can be thankful for yourself and for everyone and everything in your life and trust that everything is working out as it should; regardless of whether you might like it to be different.

Taking that thankful attitude, universally/across the board, even when you feel disgruntled helps everything to work out more easily. Where life is hard, there is a reason for that and you can surrender and go with it regardless. Or, when you fight and struggle with life, somehow that is what is needed from you in that moment.

If you could see life today with the perspective of yourself a little wiser, a little more ascended from the future, you would observe how who you are today is just the medicine the world needs. You would see how the role you play impacts others, causing them to grow; whether that impact was positive, or perceived as negative, it is still the right impact.

The universe is like a big bowl of cookie dough, each moment is a new batch of cookies. Each one of us is an ingredient that makes it taste just right when it is baked. Baking powder tastes terrible, and yet without it, some cookies would not be good. If the only ingredients were sweet, it wouldn’t be cookies! You can trust life’s recipes; they all turn out just right on the big platter of life.

Each element of creation contains a unique facet of the whole that I call God. It is invested as an ingredient of wholeness within the substance of each life and the world. Gradually, over many lifetimes, the raw material of creation has been stimulated by this inner facet of divine being, causing it to evolve; nurturing and developing its potential to one day embody the wholeness of the One within many unique and individual created lives.

All experiences have been designed as a workout gym to build the soul muscles and qualities that will allow our enlightened truth to be born within us. What has gone before, while messy, has been an act of creation; like cooking, gardening or building construction, it hasn’t looked that good during the creative process. Nevertheless, there are good things in the works!

Each messy step of our lives is a necessary experience in the recipe for life. Since December 31, 2012, the cookie dough of life on earth has gone from the mixing bowl to the baking pan and is entering the oven. There is an alchemical change happening, not so different from the heat of the oven on the dough of the cookie. It is inexorable; we are being recreated from raw material into something better; something ready to co-create with God. Within humans, animals, plants, microbes and the very genetic makeup of the planet, the many facets of the One are awakening and reshaping the nature of life on earth. We call this change ascension and it is bringing us closer to the fulfillment of our true purpose.

This change is very positive, but initiates the end of much that went before so that everything can be rebirthed. It is another messy project! However, if you will orient toward the positive birth, you will find that letting go of the old will be easier. All souls, human, animal, plant and other are eternal, safe and unbreakable. Our souls are the vehicles we have built for our spiritual facet of God to awaken within. Physical bodies are the temporary homes for those souls to grow and learn through. The planet earth is a physical body for an eternal soul. Her body is being reborn. She isn’t dying, although she is shedding a lot of her old self so she can give birth to a more spiritually enlightened self; just as each person and creature is that lives upon her.

Each moment of every day, you are evolving. That evolution requires you to always be on your own learning edge. You are not a finished product, you are an act of creation and it is messy! You are also an essential ingredient in the larger outworking of life. Be kind to yourself, you are undergoing reconstruction, please forgive the mess!

Thank you for being you today, tomorrow and every day. You are exactly what is needed by the world exactly the way you are. Please give yourself a hug of approval from the universe.

By Eve Wilson


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