The Signs Are All Around Us…REALLY!


As we enter the season of spring, we notice the days becoming longer as the sun shines and the temperature begins (finally) warming up. The grass starts turning green, replacing the dormant brown color it had through the winter months. Buds start growing from the barren branches of the trees, soon to become new leaves. Flowers start popping up out of the ground as the ground temperature begins warming up. We wake to the sound of birds singing and sun shining through the windows. All of these are signs that we have come to know, telling us that spring is here!

Looking at signs from our deceased loved ones can be just as obvious as those mentioned above if we know how to look for them. Some signs that our loved ones give us are so obvious that we think it can’t be them, as noted in the following examples:

You see a license plate number that matches their birth date, their nickname or a saying that reminds you of them. You keep hearing the same song over and over on the radio that makes you think of that person, perhaps it was a song they loved or sang.

You look down on the ground and see a coin; you pick it up and the year on the coin is their birth year! You get a whiff of your dearly departed’s favorite perfume or cologne while you’re sitting at home alone – – and you’re not wearing any perfume. Another scenario is when you smell their favorite flower or a flower they would give to you and you don’t have any flowers around. It can be the same if they smoked and you get a whiff of that smell. Sometimes it can be their favorite dish.

Sometimes it is not just about seeing but feeling, feeling their presence around you. Do you ever feel as though someone has stroked your hair, or touched your face, arm or hand? Do you ever hear their voice and think it’s just your imagination?

Being in the Spirit world changes the way they communicate with us, not about their feelings towards us. Our loved ones want to let us know that they still exist and care, and that they watch over us. They want us to know that they hear us and know what is happening in our lives.

There are so many signs they give us; the trick is being open and aware of them. They can help you make that recognition in your life.

Carole Grace Burris, Medium, HTCP, HTAP (586) 307-6856


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