Dr. George King – The Aquarian Master – Part 3


We will continue the series of articles about the extraordinary man, Dr. George King, Aquarian Master.

In Part 2, the article explained how Dr. King was contacted by enlightened Masters from beyond this world. Over the next two decades, from 1954, he continued to receive over 600 messages, known as Cosmic Transmissions from the Space Masters. This collection of transmissions constitutes the most priceless metaphysical library in the world, with a range and depth of teachings without equal in the annals of occult Truth.

When Dr. King gained the mystic state referred to as Samadi during which he channeled these messages from the Masters, those close by assisting him were profoundly impressed by the sheer power and intensity of his elevated and intensely heightened vibrations.

The teachings contained in these messages were given for the world as a whole as an aspect of the Age of Aquarius now dawning. An Astrological Age lasts for over two thousand years and during this time humanity as a whole has the opportunity to evolve by learning lessons and developing qualities associated with the incoming Age. In the Age of Pisces the lessons of love, forgiveness, service and sacrifice were uppermost. Now, in the Age of Aquarius, the lessons include brotherhood, tolerance and the combining of science and spirituality. These themes will become more evident as the Age progresses. Currently, the Age of Aquarius is in its infancy and Dr. King was a Spiritual pioneer and forerunner of this Age.

At great personal cost to himself in terms of physical strain, ridicule and even death threats, these incredible Cosmic Transmissions were delivered. They contained elevated wisdom as well as practical, scientific advice about nuclear experimentation and the dangers that were relatively unknown to Earth scientists at the time.

We are all now aware of holes in the ozone layer and their dangers. Dr. King was receiving information about this and the ionosphere in the 1950s. He was given proof of his contacts in the form of flying saucer forecasts, subsequently verified in the world’s press. While today the Aquarian Age is on everyone’s lips, this Spiritual Master received information about the true nature of this Age over sixty years ago.

He also received a series of 21 Cosmic Revelations from Intelligences beyond this Earth that were recorded and published for posterity. The first twelve of these revelations were given through him by no less a Cosmic Personage than the Master Jesus on twelve consecutive Sundays in 1958. They constitute the Cosmic teachings and Spiritual practice known as, The Twelve Blessings.

In 1961, a further nine Cosmic revelations were given for this Age, The Nine Freedoms, which outline man’s journey through evolution. These were delivered by an advanced Interplanetary Intelligence with the pseudonym of Mars Sector 6. (You can learn more about The Nine Freedoms by tuning-in to Aetherius Radio Live, the third Tuesday each month at 1 p.m. on Body Mind Spirit Radio).
For more information about the Master George King and the global healing missions of The Aetherius Society, please call The Aetherius Society at (248) 588-0290, email: info@aetheriusmi.org or visit http://www.aetheriusmi.org.

Chrissie Blaze is a Spiritual teacher and ordained priest in The Aetherius Society. She was a close student of Spiritual Master George King for twenty-five years. She is the author of twelve published books and a radio show host at Body Mind Spirit Radio. www.chrissieblaze.com.


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