Let Life Love You


Have you stepped through the next threshold of your becoming? Meaning, have you made the choice to put the next emergence of your heart as a priority? Self love or inner work is not a waste of time; it is how you come to know God. Living the divine only in the mind is painful, and leads to division. God as a personal experience in your body and heart does not need to be proven.

There is more beauty, abundance and light within you than you can even imagine. God has written a symphony on your heart and it’s waiting to be played. Tuning your instrument through stillness, emotional awareness and inner work takes great courage. I promise if you do the inner work, your body, relationships, finances and world will change for the better.

Self love and inner growth has a specific formula that will and can change things for you. You don’t have to be a good little girl or prove your worthiness to have good within your life; you just have to open up, my dear. This opening, this inward surrender to the all good, IS the cosmic force that is your heart’s every beat. It takes a warrior’s courage to yield to this cosmic force. Many would rather focus on feeling responsible for other people’s happiness, take a pill, over work or deny that there is even a need for healing. For some, it feels easier to ignore the magnificence waiting to be uncovered and discovered in their heart.

I understand the resistance to your own greatness. We are all afraid of the immensity of God’s Love or universal force waiting to work on our behalf. This force requires us to drop playing little and surrender to the full brilliance of our being. The unknown is your greatness. This greatness dwells in all beings…and yet it requires your personal invitation.

Through this work in my own life and my students lives, I have seen health issues shift, the beloved show up, and flood waters of finances break through. This universal energy doesn’t care what you have done in the past. Inward surrender and intention commands this energy. (Study). There is an incredible breakthrough waiting to happen in your life, if, sweet angel, you would only open up to it.

Through clearing the ‘static on the line’ daily and being sharp in your intention, life will guide and direct you. In session, a student who had suffered years of abuse began to let go of her pain and move through the process of self-acceptance. Suddenly after 20 years of gazing into her backyard and never seeing any animals, she began to see a parade of animals! Her inward opening allowed the validation of love that Creation was seeking to bring.

Slowing down and mindfully seeing what is in front of us is a lifelong learning process. There are opportunities and love right in front of you, but it is only when you inwardly yield, that you can see it. A robin built it’s nest ON my front door in the wreath. On the weekend when I don’t see clients, there is no traffic through the front door. I saw the anxious protesting robin during the week but couldn’t find her nest. I am someone that can feel a tiny turtle in distress 20 feet away. I can hear the gifts within someone as if they have a megaphone. BUT in this week of rushing, I did not feel the robin’s nest on my front door. I am sorry to the 3 little robin eggs that had to suffer for it. “Thank you robin for teaching me to slow down and listen with even greater reverence to what is coming to the front door. Thank you robin for your immense gift. I humbly bow to you.” Life/God/Nature is continually supporting and directing us, if we only take time to listen.

Our home and surrounding land ARE our root chakra. Everything is in relationship, and in our willingness to listen, we can feel that connection. So many of my students say they feel like an alien in this world or they feel they don’t belong anywhere. This is usually a sign of a disconnect between the body and the earth (root chakra). When I test people’s root chakra it is usually at only 10%. This closing of the root causes people to be overly empathic, taking on and being overwhelmed by all the negativity from others. (Also produces A.D.D. like symptoms). This closing of the root also causes a pulling up into the 6th chakra and into the mind. This person will live in the abstract and will try to ‘explain the universe on a post it note’, but never fully tasting the sweet wildness of life. This closing of the root “helps” the person to avoid feelings, the body and their sexuality. This pulling up can also be called, Spiritual Bypassing. (The term ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ is from Ken Wilber’s work). Helping people to reconnect to their body and life is a passion of mine and is a process that brings great rewards.

Don’t bypass your life sweet angel. You are beautiful, wise and intelligent already. I know it is a great risk to engage the day and let life flow through you. There are times when you felt most alive, that you were beaten down. But please remember, it is more painful to remain closed, rush through life and feeling like the living dead, than to endure the discomfort of inner work. Ask for help and know your needs are important, sweet one. It is possible to have the life of your dreams.


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