Reincarnation –The Development of Soul


Long ago, at the beginning of time, you were born as a facet of the One Source of life. You were called into the created world to build yourself a soul body that would one day become your true partner; having all the abilities you need to express yourself as a unique, individual facet of God. Through many lifetimes in a physical body, you have been growing and developing your soul for this purpose.

Across eternity people have experienced a variety of lives as humans and also in different life forms. You may have experienced life as an angel, or on other worlds than Earth; it is possible you have been an animal or a tree. I have met very enlightened souls living within trees and animals.

Souls often incarnate in more than one body at a time, to more efficiently evolve all the strengths and qualities their individual facet of God needs. If we look back across lifetimes and generations, we find what we call the, creation of soul groups – single souls which split up into many individuals. Those in the same soul group, having come from one soul and become many, are working on the same evolutionary goals from many individual perspectives; each individual’s advancement empowers all other souls in the group.

As souls evolve, they find increasing unity with their own facet of God. When needed, they can then integrate multiple aspects of their larger soul group into one lifetime. This allows the creation of a soul body with all the various skills, gifts and potentials their facet of God requires.

It is common that multiple individuals of the same soul group are in relationship during a lifetime. They may be family, significant other, friends–human or pet. This allows for mutual support of the common goals they share. These are often very nurturing relationships, although sometimes they present challenges where both souls are stuck or struggling with the same self-defeating attitudes. So where you see two people who are very much alike and mutually supportive or very much alike but struggle with each other, those two souls may be one soul on a higher level of spirit trying to develop their needed soul muscles and qualities.

Eastern religions talk about reincarnation and karma. Karma is often defined as indicating a kind of reward or punishment for good or bad behavior. My perspective has a little different slant. I see that we each play different roles in different incarnations, and that each is necessary for the greater evolution of life on earth. Opposition has been a significant motivation for change and evolutionary growth, and I think that we all take turns playing those oppositional roles on the stage of life. When we do that, then we also get to play the opposite role to learn both sides of the experience. This helps everyone in the long run. As we realize the gifts we have gained in these experiences, the karmic relationships pass, but we keep the gifts! So to me karma is the teacher, it makes us grow.

Another perception of reincarnation and karma is that people have to reincarnate as what is perceived as a lower life form due to bad behavior in an earlier life. I have the gift of telepathic communication with all life forms and I have found beings of enlightenment and beings of low consciousness in people, plants, animals and insects. All lifetimes are temporary and while those considered to be lower are particularly short and limited as to what they can do, there are often advantages to that. To be a human, you have to spend years and years growing into your potential. Most other forms take much less time; but a soul may serve or gain experiences they need in any of these roles. Likewise, they may influence the world in necessary ways. Spiders are a common focus for Divine Beings which are highly evolved souls who are the weavers of reality as we know it; whales are also Divine Beings! Our dogs and cats are often highly evolved souls. They use the simpler life form to bring unconditional love and wisdom to our lives without all the complications of being a human.

As you evolve within this lifetime, you will likely integrate more elements of your own soul into yourself. When this happens, you will feel like you have suddenly grown and gained perspective. You may feel simultaneously more enlightened and crankier with life. The crankiness will pass as the newly incarnate parts of you get used to living within the restrictions of human life again.

You could think of your individual lifetimes as chapters in the book of your soul. Some day you will have the perspective needed to read the book. It will make for very interesting reading! Until then, it is helpful to know that whatever you experience today is but a blink in the eye for your eternal self.

by Eve Wilson


  1. Great article. I’m sure i’ve been here before several times. This is the first time I have heard the version of different variations of soul life. I need to hear more.


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