Burning Body Fat


There are many ways to burn fat, including exercise, diet and calorie restriction, and the use of specific nutritional supplements. The most effective and efficient way to burn fat is having your hormones in balance, and eating specific fat burning foods.

Dietary guidelines for fat burning include avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugars found in processed foods. The refining and processing of food destroys and removes the majority of fiber and nutrients. Food labels that promote enhanced, fortified or enriched indicate that a half to a dozen imitation nutrients have been added back in. It would be like someone stealing $100 from you and then giving you back $6. Eating food that has been nutritionally mugged will not allow you to burn fat.

By eating the right breakfast, you can start the day by fat burning. Eating small meals through out the day, instead of one to two large meals also encourages fat burning. There are specific foods that you can eat that will enable your body to burn fat, as long as your liver and hormones are balanced.

In order to burn fat, the hormones produced by the adrenals, thyroid and reproductive area must be in balance. In addition the liver must be functioning well to break down excess hormones and toxins, and signal the release of stored fat to be burned. Read on to determine what body type you might be, and whether you have liver involvement or hormone gland imbalance.

Common indicators of a thyroid type include feeling depressed, dry skin, cold hand and feet, loss of outer third of eyebrow, hair loss, eye puffiness and craving sweets, breads and pasta.

Chronic pain and inflammation, difficulty sleeping, swollen ankles, craving salt or chocolate, needing coffee, and feeling tired, irritable or stressed are common adrenal indicators.

Common indicators of hormone imbalance associated with the reproductive area include PMS, excessive bleeding, menopausal symptoms, brain fog, craving for ice cream, cheese or milk, and cyclic water retention, constipation, weight gain or hair loss.

Right neck or shoulder pain or stiffness, more awake at night than in the morning, morning irritability or headaches, flaky skin or dandruff, and craving deep-friend foods or potato chips are indicators of a liver body type.

A non-invasive evaluation by a Certified Clinical Whole Food Nutritionist can determine which body area needs support in order to burn fat. By resetting body reflexes, and providing specific nutritional support, if needed, your body will be in balance and ready to burn fat, especially when eating fat burning foods.

Classes in fat burning foods for each body type are now being offered by the newest addition to our staff, Dr. Solomon. Come learn what foods you need to eat to lose the weight you want.

Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D.


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