Calming The Mind. The Key to Accessing Human Potential


On average, how many thoughts does a person have in a day?
A) 1,000; B) 5,000; C) 10,000; D) 25,000; E) 50,000.

If you chose “E” you would be right. Most likely it is because you have heard or read about this before. It is unlikely you have actually experienced this by observing your thoughts, as much of the activity occurs subconsciously. Just because it is outside your normal awareness does not mean it doesn’t have an impact on your life.

The Human Mind Contributes to Your Unease

The unceasing tireless activity of the mind is a causal factor for many negative experiences in our life. It contributes to stress, anxiety, fear, illness, restlessness, sleeplessness, lack of energy, poor relationships and every other unwanted thing you can think of. These underlying thoughts create a background noise. They sometimes subtly, but often vigorously, taint our view of reality and are responsible for unease and a lack of calm. Have you ever wondered why you are anxious, antsy or irritable for no reason? The subconscious mind is likely at work.

When you first begin to listen to your thoughts, you will be surprised how rarely you are at ease. Meditation is a doorway into awareness, yet many first time meditators quickly give up because there seems to be more thoughts than before they began meditating. This is one level of truth.

A deeper truth is that there are not more thoughts; but you have simply become more aware of what was already there. Begin to examine these thoughts and you will find judgments, defensiveness, victimhood, pride, fear, regret — anything that takes you away from the Power of Now. Depending on the thought and your investment in that thought, there will be an emotional component that amps up the current of the thought creating even more turmoil and unease.

Many Do Not Realize What Is Possible

At this point many people give up; the thought of too many thoughts is too much. They would rather suppress thought and continue to live a limited life. Most of humanity chooses this. They are unaware of how much life they are leaving behind. We have boxed ourselves in and have limited the range of what is possible. We may even be happy, but there are levels of happiness and most of us have not even come close to the limit of how much joy we can have in our life. Humanity has limited the range of what we believe is possible.

Our potential for joy is far greater than we can imagine. When you begin to calm the mind, joy begins to flow. Life becomes easier and abundance reigns supreme. And then you wonder… How can it get any better than this? And then it does. As you continue to clear, let go of judgments, forgive the past; you are graced with ever deeper levels of joy. There is no limit, there is no end. This is heaven on earth.

Your Gifts Are In The Present

But how do we do this? There are many paths, many teachers and Pat and I have tried quite a few of them. What we have found most effective is to come into present moment awareness. Taking any path that leads you to that point is in our opinion, the fastest route to freedom. The one tool that does it best is conscious breathing.

There is no power in the world that can place you in the present moment as simply as focusing consciously on your breath. This also places the highest quantity of life force at your conscious disposal. This energy is yours to do with as you will. Create more joy in your life. Extend it to others. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Be The Ocean

If you continue to do what you’ve done, it’s like dipping your toe in the ocean and trying to make waves. That is pretending to make change. The waves are small and there is no lasting effect. But ohhh … believe you are the ocean and you can make waves upon waves of love, joy and beauty. So let’s calm our minds and access that part of us that creates worlds. Let us together create the good, the holy and the beautiful.

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