What is Grace?


In our lives, there are ever so many things to forgive. From the pain in our body, to the misunderstandings we have with others, or the financial difficulties we experience, etc., etc. etc. Then there is forgiving ourselves for what we have or have not done. Grace is the essence of forgiveness with ease.

Grace is unconditional; it is there whether or not a person deserves it. Grace wipes the slate clean and allows us to begin life on a new note; it sets us free of the past. Receiving grace is an act of faith in the benevolence of life; it is an expression of courage, making room for something new and being willing to start again.

The influences of the New World energies that are flowing into our lives since the advent of 2013 are an expression of grace. They are in the process of lifting our world into harmony with the true core of life which is unconditional love. This upliftment is breaking up the old structure of society and culture, much like the breaking up of the glaciers on our planet’s polar regions. The old crusty elements of separation and fear are melting and we find ourselves wondering if this is good or bad! I say it is definitely good; but there are things to learn and do during this transition that require us to let go of the past and step up to a higher level of being. Grace is here to help with that!

You can think of grace as a river of forgiveness and unconditional love, flowing from the heart of God through our world. It doesn’t force people to let go of their old fears and judgments, or to forgive themselves or others, but it offers that opportunity. Wherever there is a tiny opening to love and forgiveness, it widens that crack. Gradually it is becoming easier for people and the world to let go of the old wounds and to heal.

The reason for this river of grace is that the world has entered a new set of planetary contracts for the evolution of life. The forces of fear that have ruled the Old World experience prior to 2013 are no longer the authority on Earth. The power of unconditional love has come into supremacy and it will succeed in overcoming the old. It has been rising in power as the time for this change of contracts has grown closer; bringing change in cycles of increased spiritual light, followed by cycles of darkness again. But the power of the old contracts has been broken and now the change is exponential. With each passing year the influence of unconditional love will multiply, growing in leaps and bounds. To be ready to receive this love, we need to surrender to grace and take the leap of courage to begin to trust life again, even though we have felt our trust betrayed many times in our lives and the world seems an uncertain place to be.

You can imagine yourself floating in this river of grace; allowing it to lift up all the fear and pain from your body and soul and carry it into the pure heart of God. Then, open up to the influence of unconditional love and let it raise your vibration into harmony with the true spirit at the core of yourself. This part of you is eternal and has been hidden within you within all lifetimes; shining through at moments from the still place of unconditional love within your heart, and disappearing again much of the time. Now it is journeying home to live fully within your body and soul here on Earth. It is your true and individual facet of God and it has been building your body and soul for lifetimes to become the true partner it needs within this world. This new union of spirit and earth within is not a giving away of self, but a claiming of yourself truly.

To claim this experience, you get to let go of the old baggage you don’t need anymore! All suffering and pain will ultimately be transmuted into pure energy of love by the river of grace. This process is gradual, but working with it you find an increasing sense of confidence in the process and trust in yourself. It is becoming easier to let go of anger and fear and you’ll find courage to trust the process of life as it undergoes reconstruction into a New World for us to live in. The whole world is enfolded in the river of grace and beginning to heal now. Watch it and see the miracle of this process over the coming years. It may not look the way you will expect it to because everything changes in its own way and time. But if you look with eyes filled with the grace of your own healing, you will be amazed by what you see happening in the world around. You will see grace working its healing magic, awakening truth and unconditional love where once there was fear.

By Eve Wilson


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