Side-Stepping Stress


Stress is everywhere in our society today; it can be difficult to avoid and deal with. I feel the negative aspects of stress have been brought to the surface and discussed previously, so I am not going to analyze why we are so stressed or its symptoms. The average person can recognize when they or a loved one is experiencing stress overload, because it can affect their relationships.

Stress and its resulting manifestations seem to be running rampant—TV, radio, newspapers and now friends through social media. Instant world-wide mass communication can be both a blessing and a curse.

The truth is, we can limit how stress and anxiety impact our personal health and well-being simply by realizing the average individual has limited control over things, such as societal and economic issues. Some things in life are inevitable — family and job pressures for example. In these situations, finding a way to retreat and ‘de-stress’ may be a challenge in itself. Here is where side-stepping stress comes in handy…side-stepping stress is simple, purposeful and can be incorporated into your life easily. Purposeful steps and action are a great way to take care of yourself during stressful situations.

Side-stepping stress is action, it’s moving forward in a purposeful way. Moving forward, actively taking steps forward, is putting action in your life. Moving in stress is a powerful way to take charge of how you allow stress to affect you. In my choice to side-step stress, the following actions were helpful in alleviating some levels and I didn’t have to change my whole lifestyle at once.

Exercising–Twenty minutes of intense physical activity works amazingly well to make your body’s muscles feel worked, produce mood-boosting endorphins, and usually improve your sleep at night.

Diet–follow sensible rules, no extremes … watch for allergies such as GMO, wheat, etc.

Drink Green Tea–it contains the amino acid, L-theanie, which aids relaxation.

Sleeping enough for your body—new research shows that five hours of sleep is an adequate amount for our bodies to recharge and will promote a longer life.

Recreation–Reading, walking, spending time in nature, vacations, staycations — anything that you feel relaxes your mind and spirit.

Supplements–You can’t run on empty! When feeling stressed we may skip a meal or not eat at all; supplements will give your body the essential nutrients, minerals and herbs that produce energy for your body to keep moving forward and stay active.

Recently, a friend of mine incorporated these simple steps and said she felt better than she had in years. It reminds me of something another dear friend, Charlotte, used to say, “Every step I take is a step forward.” She said this almost every day and when you think about it, this can apply to almost every situation. Charlotte has left the earth plane, but I still remember her wonderful way of looking at life — don’t stay stuck. Take a step. Keep moving forward. Every step I take is a step forward is a powerful affirmation for living!


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