Healing the Body Without Drugs or Physical Intervention


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a magic pill that would heal your body’s aches, pains and even dis-ease and illness? Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t ever get sick? Wouldn’t it be nice?

No Known Negative Side Effects

Many people seek a magic pill, and the pharmaceutical industry wants us to believe that their pills will do that for us. But the pill I am talking about is not based on chemistry. And while this pill has side effects, it is unlike the pills advocated by western medicine- – there are no known negative side effects to the pill I am talking about.

Source Energy Heals

Perhaps I have slightly misled you because what I am talking about is more of a prescription than a pill, but if you follow the prescription it will drive out illness and dis-ease, fatigue and pain and allow you to live a healthy, passionate, vibrant and joyful life.

The prescription is this … clear your energy body of energetic imbalances.

Whether you are aware of it or not, underlying our seemingly solid bodies are vast amounts of space and energy. It is the construct of the Universe. All Life, all Matter is made of the same stuff. In its simplest terms, energy that is free flowing and connected to Source without blockage and limitation is available to heal the body of whatever physical ailments manifest. No dis-ease can exist in the perfect love and light of Source Energy. In fact, knowing the status of the energy body is a preview of what lies ahead for the physical body.

How Energy Affects Health

Your energy system works very much like your body’s circulatory system. The energy system has pumps like the heart (chakras) and vessels like arteries (meridians and nadis) to deliver the energy. Since the body needs energy to live, if there are blockages or the pumps are not working properly, the energy is not delivered and fatigue, pain, illness and dis-ease set in.

Each disease or illness has a characteristic pattern of dysfunction.

Take a look at these few examples:

· Neck pain may be due to emotional factors. The solar plexus typically has pent-up emotions that might not get expressed. This affects the throat and jaw, minor chakras that affect the neck.

· Sinusitis is a congested solar plexus chakra which sends energy to the ajna chakra that controls the sinuses.

· Cancer is a disease of abnormal cell growth. At the energetic level there is congestion in certain parts of the body that fuels this cell growth. Whatever organ is affected, you can be sure the chakra that controls that organ is congested with energy.

· Irregular heart beat or arrhythmia is affected by the heart and solar plexus chakras. These chakras are congested with dirty red energy. The cause is usually emotional in origin.

When you know the pattern of dysfunction, you can undo what was created and allow the energy to flow freely to vitalize the organs and bodily systems that were negatively affected. Even if you don’t know the pattern, regular and general cleaning of the energy body will keep you healthier and more vibrant and can help to eradicate dis-ease.

Belief Is Not Necessary

You don’t have to believe any of this. But just like gravity, you still live with its affects. While the basic understanding of the energy body goes back thousands of years to the foundation of Ayurveda and Acupuncture, science is now proving what has been known all along through the body of knowledge known as quantum physics.

Western Medicine Does Not Treat The Cause

Western medicine and modern pharmaceuticals have their role, but for the most part do not treat the cause of the problem but the symptom. They rarely advocate for a healthy, vibrant, joyful body that pushes beyond the realm of what is normally thought possible.

Treating the energy body will heal the body before physical symptoms manifest. The side effects are more energy, more joy, ease, calmness, better sleep and a passion for life that is enjoyed by very few on the planet today. The choice is yours as it always is.

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Energy medicine should be used as a compliment to and not a replacement for any allopathic treatment you may be receiving.

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