Healing Homes


h Houses have an energy field that is more than the combination of architecture and décor. A house contains the energetic memory of all who have lived there and all that has occurred within it and the property it sits on. Below are some ways to heal your house or work place and encourage an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Fresh air and light make a huge difference in the physical and psychic energy of a place. Just opening up to nature helps a lot. Many office buildings and apartments don’t give you this option so live Plants, negative ion machines or crystal salt lamps can generate a negative electrical charge that energizes and relaxes body and soul. Full spectrum lighting can make the difference between headaches and exhaustion or feeling bright and alert. Full spectrum bulbs of all kinds are relatively inexpensive and easy to find at places like Home Depot or Lowes.

The previous inhabitants of your home or office may have left emotional, mental or spiritual energy behind that is not conducive to your well -being. Clearing their energy before you move in is optimal, but it can be done later. Once you’ve been absorbing it over time, you may need some personal clearing along with your house! Professional healing for your family or your house may be needed as well in more challenging situations.

There is a First People technique called smudging, where sage is burned and the smoke blown throughout the house as a carrier for prayers; asking to clear energy of previous owners and to receive peace and harmony. Sage smoke carries intentions and prayers so they more easily connect with God, or as some call it The Great Spirit, so healing can happen; it doesn’t do the clearing itself. Blow the smoke into all corners, closets, under and around anything, into dark places and attics, where energy tends to collect.

When moving into a space that is already furnished, move furnishings into new positions to release stagnant energy. Painting and cleaning can have a huge impact, or replacing old carpet. While you do these things, welcome love and light to fill the space and clear anything left by the previous inhabitants. If you feel uncomfortable or allergic when using specific furniture it’s best to get rid of it. It could be dust and mold, but is likely also the psychic energy from people who used it before.

Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of influencing what comes and goes through your living space and life. It can assist the energy of a home to be constantly flowing and alive, preventing the buildup of negative energy. Its principles can be employed to block influences from your neighbors who fight or don’t like you or between your bedroom and other people in your house! There’s a lot to learn if you read up on this system. One of my favorite tools uses a small mirror facing outward toward a source of unwanted energy. You can slip it into a closet, behind a picture or another mirror; aiming it outward to deflect unwanted energy away from your space. Drawing a 5 pointed star or pentacle on the mirror neutralizes negative energy so you are not sending it back to people. While I doubt the star is traditional, without it the mirror can amplify what it repels.

The following candle ceremony creates a long lasting field of light and love that continues to clear negativity from previous situations or ongoing negativity from daily life. Once completed it continues to work for years to come.

– Get three unscented, white, short to medium height taper candles. Stand them in the shape of an equilateral triangle, one candle at each corner. This system is describing how to do a two story house with basement, but you can allocate the three burn cycles in whatever way makes sense for your situation. Create your triangle in any room or on any story of the house where you have privacy to work. No need to carry it to each floor. For a work space, you could do it at home, but visualize it happening at work! The light of each flame is a pure representation of the unconditionally loving True Source of Life often called God.

– Light the candles and visualize their light filling the basement, all the corners and cabinets, behind or under any equipment or furniture, into walls and ceiling, etc. Burn candles 1/3 of the way down and then blow them out and store for 3 days before doing the next step.

– On day 4 do the same as above for the first floor of the house while burning the second 1/3 of the candles.

– Wait 3 more days and do the second floor, including attic, burning the last 1/3.

Life is emotionally, mentally and spiritually messy. However our true, higher nature is unconditionally loving and clear. Having a clear home or work space can support your higher nature and a greater sense of peace and well-being for you and your family.

by Eve Wilson


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