Forever Relationships


“Connected hearts will not die, will not be buried for theirs is a forever relationship.”

Hosain Mosavat,
· Was born in the land of roses, poets and Shiraz wine, Shiraz, Iran.
· Attended high school in Tehran.
· Two years before graduation, the first Revolution in Iran began. He lost many friends in the widespread violence. He felt
unwelcome in repressive Iran.
· Was sent to USA by his father where he became a citizen and finished his schooling.
· His life was then filled with:
· Teaching physics and math (30 years)
· Writing poetry
· Parenting his son
· Making music and musical instruments
· Cooking extensively
· Gathering friends and nurturing lasting friendships

Hosain retired from teaching in 1993; he lives in Whitmore Lake, MI. When the time comes, he says “He will be buried in the Whitmore Lake graveyard.”

With his books he says “He will still have something to say beyond this life.” To his many friends he says “My friends, I will not be denied loving you.”

Poetry is one of the most beautiful and artistic ways a person can express himself. Persian poet-thinker Hosain Mosavat expresses himself in three masterfully written books of poetry that bring together a lifetime of work that touches the heart and soothes the soul of the reader.

“They say I am a gregarious author. I say I am ‘The Heart Whisperer’ (the title of one of his books) begging to give you love and the instinct of presence in everyone you meet. I will also share with you a revelation every now and then.”

Hosain teaches that loving friends can together reach for rainbows instead of reaching for mere colors. He notes, “The most sacred conversation between lovers is one without words, in absolute naked beauty.”

· I have abandoned beliefs and replaced them with love.
· My solution to wars is to offer compassion and listening.
· It is not important to say who I am, instead it is important to shine the light on the beauty of others.
· I speak of brotherhood as samehood. If you’re hurt, I am hurt. If you’re happy, I am ecstatic. Your tears will
never fall unnoticed. Your happiness is my goal.
· If you really want to know me, open your heart. I am there,
o smiling,
o playing songs that angels sing and
o raising you to the clouds as your dancing partner.

“It is all about you and how we can blend like a rainbow–different colors and most beautiful. And at the end of the rainbow, it is not a mere monetary treasure–it is you.”

Hosain Mosavat is an awesome human being with much wisdom and connection to everything in the universe. Please join us! Experience Hosain Mosavat Sunday, August 17 at Unity of Farmington Hills, 10 am Sunday Celebration Service: So What is a Sufi? Why Do They Matter? You will be deeply moved by Hosain Mosavat’s sharing and UFH’s fabulous music. Love offering. Please also join us for 1 pm Café Poetry Reading. Love offering.

Unity of Farmington Hills 32500 W 13 Mile Rd. 48334 (west of Orchard Lake Road). Poetry books available for purchase.
Barbara Clevenger, Minister, Unity of Farmington Hills cell/text: 248-227-5180 Website: Email:


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