Sacred Mountains of Power


Mountains inspire us. As the highest point in a natural landscape, they draw our gaze upwards from the everyday, to the heavens above. Certain mountains are particularly powerful as beautiful, majestic pinnacles of God’s handiwork. Some people are inspired to write about or paint them; while for others they are the objects of their devotions. The power of some mountains seems so great that people are drawn, as if by an invisible magnet, and will undergo untold hardships to attempt to climb to their summits.

When I first visited Ben Hope, a sacred mountain in the uppermost Highlands of Scotland, I felt an ancient force that seemed to have existed forever. Sacred geometry and other studies show us that Ben Hope and many other sacred places around the world are not just haphazard rock formations. They are often aligned on ancient places of power, such as the crossing of major ley lines or the Earth’s natural lines of force.

As I wrote last month in my article on The Earth, indigenous culture, ancient civilizations and enlightened individuals through the centuries have honored and been aware of the natural energies of Mother Earth and have attempted to live in harmony with Her. They have also revered Her mountains, and the nature spirits of these places which imbue the mountains with a particular life, power and energy.

In the lecture – Sacred Mountains of Power (see separate ad for details), I shall discuss sacred places of power throughout the world and present beautiful Powerpoint images of these places. I shall also focus on nineteen holy mountains that are particularly relevant to us in this New Age. Why? Because the energy contained within these mountains is such that any person who climbs them and prays for the world, can radiate through themselves as much spiritual energy as could an adept in the past.

Please join us to learn about the fantastic energies contained within these New Age power batteries; the significance of the subterranean links that join these wonderful mountains together; and their positioning throughout the world. Learn about the closest holy mountain to Metro Detroit from which a group of pilgrims has just returned – Mount Adams, New Hampshire.

These sacred mountains of power are part of a global infrastructure set into place by highly advanced Intelligences that can help us to reconnect in a spiritual way with the Mother Earth upon which we live; and can assist us in bringing peace and harmony to our world.

For more information about the lecture: Sacred Mountains of Power, please see the advertisement, or call The Aetherius Society at (248) 588-0290, email: or visit


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