Seaside Reflections


As we wrap up our last few weeks of summer, life will get really busy. We are so busy getting ready for our kids to get back to school, finish up our last vacation time running here and there, and wishing that the sun would stay out just a little longer. But as always, things come to an end and we must prepare for the new adventures that fall brings.

One wonderful thing about living in Michigan is being surrounded by water. Going to the beach and feeling the sand between our toes and breathing in deeply the smell of hot-dogs and hamburgers on the grill always brings a smile to our face.

As we spend these last few weeks in the warmth of the sun, it is an amazing time to reflect upon what you feel you have achieved or maybe not achieved in your life this year. It’s not a time to feel down or sorry for yourself but a time to listen and be at peace in the moment. Each person has their own unique and personal refection. Gaze into the mirror of your life and see what is staring back at you. What needs to be changed…what needs to be removed…what needs to be added?

One thing that we do when at our beautiful Michigan beaches is to pick up sea shells. It’s amazing to marvel at these beautiful creations that come to us as gifts from the sea. Because with that shell, you hold a heartfelt memory of that day that you will hold dear to your heart.

Some shells we can hold in our hand. Some we can hold to our ears and listen to the sound of ancient waves from lives past and it always makes us feel more connected to Mother Earth, her water and of course to the womb where we all have come from. As we listen to these sea shells, it reminds us to listen to our inner voice, stay true to our values and know what and who we have become. The universe has called you to come to that spot and reflect on being in that moment and being in a sense of joy and happiness. Allow the waves to roll in, envisioning abundance flowing into your life.

Use this time to cleanse away your fears and worries. The shell represents getting ready to let go of the ebb and flow of the emotional tides in our lives and to become aware of life’s small and beautiful blessings. Use this time to reflect on what blessings have come to you so far this summer. Closing your eyes and feeling the soft breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders- – what blessings are being revealed to you? What gratitude will you carry with you into the fall and winter months?

Summer is about growth and fertility. There is still time to take advantage of the suns power and help manifest the visions that you have set for yourself on this day, at the beach with those that you love.

Shelly Paull is a Psychic Medium and owner of, “Illuminate Your Spirit” in downtown Plymouth. Shelly uses her gift of connecting to your Spirit Guides and passed loved ones through the use of Tarot, helping guide you on your path and bring you up-lifting messages from Spirit.

Contact Shelly at Illuminate Your Spirit (734) 259-8651


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