Seven Simple Ways to Stay Positive!


“How do I remain positive amid negativity?” is a question I hear often, especially from empathic or highly sensitive people.

I love this question because it is laden with learning opportunities. And, as an ’empath’ myself, I can really relate. For years, I unknowingly soaked up negativity and allowed negative environments to bring me down.

Fortunately, negative environments affect me significantly less today thanks to some simple, empowering techniques. Here are seven of my favorites:

1. Choose positivity! Each morning, make a commitment to yourself to stay positive regardless of what anyone else says or does. Make it into a game; see how quickly you can reframe any negative situation into a positive and keep a running tally throughout the day! This will bring playfulness to a low energy situation and help strengthen your positivity muscle even more!

2. Surround yourself with white light and mirrors. Before you start your day, take 15 seconds for a quick, yet effective visualization. Close your eyes and imagine drawing a line of glowing, impermeable white light around your body’s perimeter. Follow that up by imagining your body covered with mirrors, so that any negativity that comes your way is deflected back to its source.

3. Use it as an opportunity to shine your light even brighter! Just as stars shine brightest when it is darkest outside, maintaining a positive attitude or mindset in the face of negativity offers an incredible opportunity to make a huge impact.

4. Quit taking it personally. The majority of the time, another person’s complaining, blaming or negative actions are about them, not you. Instead of taking it personally and reacting, practice detachment and non-judgment and drop it there. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can and the Universe is a good, positive place even if it doesn’t always appear that way. If you have a tough time with this concept, write the acronym ‘QTIP’ on several sticky notes and put them around your living space. This will keep the idea fresh in your subconscious mind, and make it more likely to remember the next time its needed.

5. Use crystals. Are you in a negative environment consistently at work or school? Carry a crystal-like black tourmaline; it has properties to ward off negative energies.

6. Look for the lesson. When faced with a negative situation or environment, step back and ask yourself if there is anything for you to learn. Does this circumstance offer you an opportunity to practice patience or tolerance, or maybe kindness or compassion? Often the things or people who bother us the most offer our biggest life lessons.

7. Leave the situation. There are times when no amount of positivity or visualizing will keep the negativity from taking hold. If this is the case, honor yourself and leave the situation. Sometimes a short walk or slipping away to take some deep breaths is all that’s needed. Other times, you may need a longer break. Just remember, this too shall pass.

So there you have it! Seven of my best techniques for remaining positive amid negativity! Try one or all of them and watch them work for you!

~ Jaime Pfeffer


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