Super Seven Does It All!


It is extremely rare to have the energies of many stones contained in one! The Elestial Sacred Super 7 (Melody’s Stone) contains the energies of the following crystals:

· Amethyst embodies the violet flame and assists in meditation. It calms emotion, stills the mind, and opens us to connect with Spirit. It is a stone of psychic protection.

· Clear Quartz increase energy and harmony to all chakras. It supports clear communication. It expands and protects the auric field.

· Lepidocrocite opens us to experience Divine Love by releasing fear and opening the heart chakra. It connects closely with the Thymus Gland. It makes a bubble of protection and strong barrier against negativity around the energy body.

· Smoky Quartz grounds the Basic Chakra and amplifies energy. It is a strong stone for psychic protection and provides a barrier against negativity, transmuting the energy by grounding it back to earth.

· Rutile acts as an antenna directly to Divine Mind. It helps you to understand self and others better. It amplifies energy and magnifies the qualities of the other stones.

· Goethite aids in deepening your connection to the earth energies. It is said to hold the memory of earth’s history. As it can help with healing memories contained in the DNA, it is a great choice for use in past life work. This stone is useful for healing the earth as well as personal trauma and grief.

· Cacoxenite in Quartz or Amethyst is known as the Ascension Stone. It raises your vibration, and opens the crown and third eye.

In combination, these stones offer the gift of bringing you into alignment with your greater purpose for being on this planet. They help cut cords to relationships, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that limit us.

Use Melody’s Stone in meditation, wear it or sleep with it to awaken to a deep sense of peace, harmony, and contentment. Watch your intuition, psychic abilities, channeled writing and telepathic abilities increase!

Found only in Brazil, this stone is unique in that it supports your personal path of ascension as well as that of the entire planet. Connect with Super Seven and awaken the spiritual being inside of you.

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Pat Krajovic Pat is the owner of Bodyworks Healing Center! Contact her at: 734 416-5200. She is a senior trainer and certified facilitator for the Transformational Breath Foundation and studied directly under Dr. Judith Kravitz. Pat has the deepest respect for the healing power of the breath. She is dedicated to and passionate about bringing the breath to all that choose TB as a path to deeper self awareness. Pat combines her knowledge and extensive experience of bodywork, energy healing, and emotional release work, guided by her intuitive knowing, to dance with the breath in an effective and compassionate manner.Pat has extensive training and experience in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Esoteric Healing, Pranic Healing, and various other modalities of bodywork. She sets an impeccable standard for holding space for deeper healing and expanding levels of consciousness for the highest and greatest good.Pats holds a B.S. in Human Development with an emphasis in Individual and Family Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and is the co-founder of BodyWorks Healing Center; a Michigan based Body/Mind/Spirit Integration Center.Pat was named “Best of the Best” for Massage Therapy in the October 2007 Issue of Allure Magazine. BodyWorks was also named Best of City Search. Pat has taught the breath in Europe and across the United States.


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