Falling Into Joy


Your search for certainty blinds you to the nectar of the present moment. Let yourself feel the positive and the negative so that you can experience the movement of Creation. To live in joy-filled intimacy, you must approach life as more than a chess game.

Whether life feels stale or whether life smells like roses…remain present. Sometimes the staleness or sweetness feels like it is inside of you, and sometimes it feels it is on the outside. If you can allow yourself to be with ‘what is’, you will yield to a Peace that is beyond your conditions. True peace includes the stale and sweet, the dark and the light.

Constantly searching for certainty in life will drive you mad. Certainty grounded in the mind (belief structures, opinions) or external (person, job, marriage) is a temporary foundation. Certainty that embraces the changing mind and external conditions, yet rests in an experiential awareness of all that Is, allows true peace. Embrace uncertainty, while knowing there is a universal energy that is working on your behalf. When you hold space for surface realities, yet yield to the great unknown within your being, you feel the connection and grounding that you yearn for.

Bound by power-over models, we fear letting go. Because we have been raised with models of reward and punishment, we believe there is a God presence that seeks to take over our voice, feelings, and autonomy. How many decisions have you made on the need for approval from your parents, boss, or society? How many choices come from fear of losing your job, fear of ridicule, or a bad grade? What would it be like to make a decision on what your core essence felt was right? Do you know the difference? When you allow external sources to guide your life you lose who you truly are and tragically fear the release that would bring peace.

Your surrender requires you to claim your full self. It also requires you to yield completely. In fact, it is impossible to yield to your True Self-Love-God unless you have claimed your full self. Relationship ‘guru’ David Deida describes it as three stages of loving: 1. I desperately need a partner! 2. I don’t need a partner! I love me. I am complete. 3. I am incomplete unless I let go to loving you. In stage one we feel desperate for someone to complete us. In stage two we are realizing we can make it on our own, we have a purpose, and we are worthy. In stage three we realize we are lovable and whole, and yet, an even greater experience of Love/God is waiting. “One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor.” Paul Simon

These stages happen in flux within us, and include relationships to other people, ourselves, God, Life, and the Earth. (In fact, how you relate to yourself is how you will relate to God/Others/Earth, and vice versa) In stage two we reclaim our ‘no’, realize the deep value of emotions, and learn to have healthy boundaries. Many people in relationships and spiritual growth try to jump past stage two (spiritual/mental bypassing) into the boundless love of stage three, but ultimately they end up feeling like an empty shell.

Your sense of peace and connection to your True Self requires good maintenance of your humanity. Slow down enough to be aware of your emotions and thoughts. This is imperative to knowing your needs. If you do not know your needs, you cannot consciously communicate or feel your true purpose. When you allow yourself to be guided by what waters your heart and feeds your soul, you let go to the third stage of loving. Or, saying all this in another way, self-love leads to letting go to the Universal Love/God and living in blissful connection.

You don’t need to know what you want before you let go. However, you can use intention or positive thinking as a tool to greater surrender. Intention and positive thinking helps you to not fight with ‘what is’, and assists you in looking for the good that is always there. Figuring things out does not make your life happen. Life is a constant rushing river of energy working through, as, and in you. For instance, if your intent is to “open to prosperity and opportunity” it is more likely that you will notice the opportunities that are available with this intention. Clearly intend or affirm something, and then, let go. If you do not let go, your mind will race, try to figure out the future, deny emotional guidance, and consequently miss the good that is waiting.

Life is a river. It will have rocks and mud. If you deny their existence or feel betrayed for them being there you will create unnecessary suffering. Life is working on your behalf, and there is a magnificent destiny waiting for you. The tools of self-love, meditation, journaling, intention, therapy, and prayer are essential to letting go to your greater good. Remember, these tools are for one purpose and one purpose only — a surrender to ‘what is’. This powerful surrender allows you an embodied experience of the divine beyond thoughts and conditions, and a remembrance of your True Self.

If you knew consciously what good was coming, it would have already happened. Embrace uncertainty and let go of any hardened opinions about yourself and others. Stories of why things can’t happen, or giving reasons why it is the way it is, keeps you locked in a conditional temporary reality. Greater good is waiting to happen if you can only let it in. Self-love will help you to put down the ‘hot coal’ of thinking about what they are thinking of you, or stories of limitation. Be gentle with yourself, get quiet, and let emotions move through without judgment, and the eternal waters of Creation will be felt in your every breath.


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