Rock of the Month: Emerald


Emerald is a beautiful stone with a rich history. A form of Beryl, the term Emerald means “green”. The earliest record of Emeralds was recorded in Egypt, but the finest Emeralds were mined in Columbia.

The Romans associated the stone with the goddess Venus, and hailed it as a stone of fertility. Christians hailed it as a stone of resurrection. Others praised it for its healing qualities including curing diseases, improving memory, calming fears and enhancing the gift of prophecy. Lore states that there was an ancient Emerald Tablet that held the secrets for enlightenment!

Emerald resonates to the heart chakra, enhancing feelings of compassion and unconditional love. For those on a spiritual path, what better stone to work with since our Divine Nature speaks of unconditional love? This stone keeps us centered in love of self and others. It is said to help heal a broken heart. Since an open heart is the key to the flow of life’s blessings, this stone is considered the stone of prosperity. If you want to attract prosperity into your life, wear the emerald as it allows us to attract what we want.

Emerald, like Moldavite, is considered a stone of the Holy Grail, since they are viewed as tools for opening the heart. Emeralds are beautiful in their rough state but shimmer in the polished form. Emerald helps strengthen the physical heart, as well as clear heavy emotional baggage and energies of victimhood and unworthiness. It helps us claim our personal power and operate from a space of compassion. What better way to bring harmony, hope, gentleness, acceptance, encouragement and prosperity into your life than by working with this beautiful stone?

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Pat Krajovic Pat is the owner of Bodyworks Healing Center! Contact her at: 734 416-5200. She is a senior trainer and certified facilitator for the Transformational Breath Foundation and studied directly under Dr. Judith Kravitz. Pat has the deepest respect for the healing power of the breath. She is dedicated to and passionate about bringing the breath to all that choose TB as a path to deeper self awareness. Pat combines her knowledge and extensive experience of bodywork, energy healing, and emotional release work, guided by her intuitive knowing, to dance with the breath in an effective and compassionate manner.Pat has extensive training and experience in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Esoteric Healing, Pranic Healing, and various other modalities of bodywork. She sets an impeccable standard for holding space for deeper healing and expanding levels of consciousness for the highest and greatest good.Pats holds a B.S. in Human Development with an emphasis in Individual and Family Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and is the co-founder of BodyWorks Healing Center; a Michigan based Body/Mind/Spirit Integration Center.Pat was named “Best of the Best” for Massage Therapy in the October 2007 Issue of Allure Magazine. BodyWorks was also named Best of City Search. Pat has taught the breath in Europe and across the United States.


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