Gem of the Caribbean


Legend has it that this magnificent, extremely rare stone originates from the sea. Larimar was made popular in 1974, when a member of the Peace Corp, Norman Riling and a local, Miguel Mendez, found pieces of Larimar on the beach. Mendez named the stone by combining the name of his daughter, Larissa with Mar, the Spanish word for sea. This beautiful blue stone embodies the vibrant colors of the sea and sky in the area of it’s origin, the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is valued for its beauty, so it is commonly used in jewelry. It is also known for its healing properties. It resonates to the throat chakra, and is said to enhance communication. It helps you to see things from a different perspective. Larimar opens the heart, and stimulates feelings of peace, healing and love. Larimar softens and lightens our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. It stimulates the crown and third eye, and support the process of enlightenment. Use this stone to help promote inner wisdom, inner truth and clarity of higher vision. This stone is a great choice if you are depressed, stressed and suffer from anxiety. This exquisite blue stone has such tremendous healing properties, no wonder it is referred to as the Gem of the Caribbean!

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