Release Negative Emotions And Allow Your Spirit To Soar


It’s great to be alive. It’s great to feel the pulse of life flowing through your veins. Love! Joy! Empowered! Vitality! Passion! When these positive emotions pulse through the body, there is nothing else like it. We feel invincible, on top of the world. We feel like everything is right in the world. We are one with the flow of life. Can you remember the last time you felt that way? How often are you in the flow? If you are like most, the answer is not very often.

Life is not all positive. There are negative emotions too. How often are you swimming in anger, worry, pessimism, unworthiness, despair and/or depression?

Reacting To Energies Below The Conscious Mind

These energies exist within us buried deep and hidden. These are usually negative and were suppressed a long time ago. They are still there doing their job underneath the visible radar of your conscious mind. Therefore, you are not aware of their impact on your life. Do you ever wonder why you react to certain situations without provocation or cause? Or, why all of a sudden you feel depressed for no reason?

Judgment Leads To Pain And Suffering

Our experiences are tainted by these suppressed energies. They want to surface, want to be heard, want to be lived. But if they remain within you, they will distort everything you experience with filters of negativity, dissatisfaction, anger, worry, depression. We see what we want to see based on our beliefs and attitudes. This creates judgment, judgment creates separation and separation leads to pain and suffering.

Resistance Is Inauthentic

This underlying negative tone is your resistance to what was. Any behavior that was not lived was resisted and still exists within you. If you ever said “yes” and meant “no,” that is resistance. If you ever suppressed speaking your truth, that is resistance. Any energy that is not aligned with your authentic self is resistance. Because of this underlying negative tone everything you look at, experience or feel will be tainted with this poison. This is why you are quick to react negatively to a situation and then you wonder why you said what you said, or worse, did what you did.

The path to reversing this pattern and letting go of your negative charge is to allow yourself to feel your fear, anger and grief and to regain your authenticity with your true self, the spirit within. Unfortunately, very few are willing to do this. They are afraid to feel the negative emotions they buried so long ago.

Buried Feelings Are Like A Poison

Because these feelings were likely suppressed when you were a child, they are likely to be thirty, forty, and fifty or more years old. Do you know what happens to something that has been festering that long? It gets stale, rotten and smells of death. It is a poison that will not go away. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed so it remains a poison within you.

Isn’t it time to let go of all that? Haven’t you been holding on for too long? It is keeping you from a healthier, happier more peaceful and abundant life.

Love It And Let It Go

No need to wonder why or how it got there. This is mind stuff, and it will just derail you. You must let the feelings live so you can let them go. This doesn’t mean you have to relive the trauma and drama of the past. So many get sucked into this, become fearful, and pull away never to return. This is unfortunate because it is not necessary.

Simply FEEL. Feel it, Engage it, Embrace it and Let it go. But you wonder, and I know you are wondering, how can I love something so bad? The answer is simple. Born in thought; it was your creation. Who could not love their own creation? Love it and let it go. Allow what you created to be and then let it go. When approached with love and compassion, this is simple and easy to do. This is the work that Pat and I most love to facilitate with people, for it brings the greatest rewards.

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