20 Affirmations for Overcoming Social Anxiety


More than 13% of the population suffers from one or more of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder – blushing, sweating and fast heartbeat are a few – at one point during their lives.

Whether you’ve experienced any of these symptoms or not, most people can relate to that feeling of uneasiness when encountering a new group or attending a gathering of complete strangers.

As someone who has successfully used positive affirmations in several areas of my life – social situations included – I offer this list of positive affirmations for overcoming fear of social situations. It is my hope that it helps you or someone you know to live a more joyful life!

I am comfortable in groups.
I am comfortable in social situations.
I am beautiful and everybody loves me.
I have a lot to offer the world.
I remain calm and confident in groups.
It is safe and comfortable for me to interact with people.
I feel safe in social environments.
I welcome new social situations into my life today.
I love meeting new people!
I am a beautiful person and have a lot to offer the world!
I love making small talk!
I have a lot of interesting things to say!
I love being among other people.
It is safe and comfortable for me to socialize.
Other people love me!
I easily release what other people think of me.
I always love and approve of myself!
I always have interesting things to say!
My beauty radiates from me!
I make conversation with others easily.

Jaime Pfeffer


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