Are Your Negative Core Beliefs Holding You Down?


Perhaps you may have heard about Joe Vitale. He was at one time homeless. Now he is a multi-millionaire.

An interesting remarks he made was, “Your beliefs are software for the mind.” Many of the “self-help gurus” say basically the same thing: if you change your beliefs, you can change your life. There is a similar idea from Henry Ford who stated, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Believing you can succeed is so important that it literally will dictate whether you succeed or fail at whatever you attempt to succeed at. Take two individuals. One has the attitude or belief, “I can accomplish pretty much whatever I want to accomplish.” The other has the belief, “I’ll never succeed.” Who do you think is going to be successful? While it is quite apparent that the one with the positive beliefs will do better, many people hold on to negative, self-defeating beliefs and wonder why they are not getting what they want out of life.

You might believe other people are just luckier, or they have better genes, or that they have innate talent. Or you might feel you are not worthy or smart enough or that you don’t deserve to be successful. But this is not true. How is it that, for a period of time, Joe Vitale was homeless, with very low self-esteem, and now he is extremely successful? The answer is that he changed his beliefs. His genes did not change. His innate ability did not change. He did not have some secret ability that most people lack. The reason he became so successful is because he changed his thoughts. He started to believe in himself. He started to believe he could be successful.

What if you were able to change your negative beliefs into these more positive ones: You are worthy; you deserve to be successful; you are entitled to happiness; you deserve to be prosperous; you can accomplish your goals; you are good enough; you can win, etc. If you held these beliefs there is no doubt your life would be different. Changing these negative beliefs into much more positive beliefs would lead to a much happier and more successful life.

If people have a diseased organ or decayed tooth, they can get surgery and get rid of the unhealthy part. But what if the unhealthy part is their thinking? What is required is akin to mental surgery, which will enable you to get rid of the defective thinking and replace it with healthy positive thoughts and beliefs. The problem is that many of these beliefs are long standing and do not go away easily. They are held in the subconscious part of the brain. Unless that is addressed, you will not change.

There is a very effective and painless way to do this. It is with the use of hypnosis. Through hypnosis, you can change these subconscious “core beliefs” and replace them with much healthier and more rational beliefs. When this is done, your life can really take off. It’s as if you’ve been dragging a 1000-pound ball behind you and you just let it go. How much relief would you get from that! Think of how much easier your life would become. You could easily accomplish goals that before seemed practically impossible. That is the power of hypnosis. It’s safe, it’s quick, it’s effective and it feels good. You can become happier now.

Are you ready to get rid of those old self-destructive beliefs that have been causing you so much pain and unhappiness? You can change now or wait for years and hope to change. The choice is up to you. If you want a better life, why wait? You do deserve it. Get rid of those negative core beliefs that are causing so much distress. Hypnosis works and is very effective in releasing the core negative beliefs for good. Don’t delay.

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