A Journey into Sensology


I began training in Sensology in 2004. At that time, I had spent three decades exploring and adopting different healing modalities; I have experienced none more to the point than Sensology. Other modalities held that the keys to our full potential lies inside of us, and yet lacked methods for accessing those keys.

After decades of practicing, my fullest potential was yet to be unlocked. Sensology and the Embodied Practice taught me the opposite – that our fullest potential, the emergence of our soul essence in the physical body, cannot occur until we have developed the internal energetic structures that facilitate the emergence of that potential. In a word, what we need does not yet live inside of us – we must bring it in as we develop.

At an early age, I became aware of how emotions took on an energetic form in people’s bodies. I sensed that we could access unlimited information and healing potential. That potential, however, was yet to take full form within me. Embodied Practice and Sensology’s 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans, gave me the sequence of stages, and the step-by-step healing practices that facilitated my energetic development. Just as a child’s physical development from embryo to adulthood follows a sequence, so does our energetic development. It begins in utero as babies begin to bond with the photon light of their soul essence energy. This photon light then moves into what Kiera refers to as the beautiful complex dance between the photon light of soul essence and the bio-photon light of the baby’s developing body.

As I moved through the 13 Energetic Stages and developed the internal structures I needed, this potential grew. I began to sense and see, the energy underlying relationship challenges, health issues and emotions. Through my embodied development, I no longer had asthma, chronic fatigue or back pain. In daily life as my energy structures organized internally, I had more energy, needed less sleep and become more organized and present. While I can name these changes, words are not adequate for the most fundamental ones. I began to sense myself as the reflection of my soul essence. I saw the world through my soul essence lens. Through these embodied structures, I sensed the ongoing communication with information and healing energy of my soul essence, and the electromagnetic fields of Earth and Sky. I developed internal structures, including the container of my electromagnetic field energy or aura. With this container, I could be deeply present with clients and family without absorbing their energy or emotions.

While I was at times frustrated, struggling to understand the new words and concepts, and working to release the need for full and immediate cognitive understanding, the journey has been well worth it. I saw the changes in my clients, through working with embodied energies that I always knew were possible. I experienced the satisfaction beyond words that comes when we create through our soul essence. In short order, my clients’ doctors began decreasing or taking them off medication for asthma, arthritis, bi-polar disorder, depression and anxiety. As their soul essence structured, their energy centers in the body formed; they gained the skills to create in their lives: they resolved relationships, found new jobs, and become more physically energized. Through the development of these inner structures, their soul essence became the key to beginning the journey to their full potential.

~By Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CPT


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