The Gift of Playfulness


Do you ever look back on the days of youth and innocence? There is a freedom comes with that age, a freedom to be you. There is no need to be more or different. You could follow the impulse of your heart’s desire, aligned with the present moment and inspired by your soul. This is playfulness. Being playful is alignment with source energy, a dance of freedom that follows the flow of life and allows you to be you. You find yourself so wrapped up in the present moment that happiness bubbles from the inside out; everything you touch is easy and fun.

Because your youth is many years passed, you may feel you can never return to being playful. But that is not so. The child is still there, inside you, silently watching, waiting quietly for your return. But to do so you will have to put aside the norms of society. Society teaches us to be serious. Grow up, go to school, get a good paying job, work hard. Then you will successful and happy. We are guided to want to desire things, money and power and to be ambitious. Being caught in this cycle of materialism is a prison that discourages freedom and play, fun and happiness. Life becomes serious business. This kind of seriousness is repressive to the soul and offers the path to happiness only through acquiring more. This is not healthy; it is dis-ease. There is no ease in this path. It is the way of suffering.

Playfulness can be said to be the opposite of suffering. When you are playful you are in communion with your Soul. And when that is so, there is no suffering only joy.When you access the child within and let out your playful side, this is what happens as your Soul playfully comes alive.

Laughter -Laughter is lightheartedness, a feeling there is something else beyond. It is a dance of ecstasy.

Because laughter is contagious it is expansive, healing and healthy. If you can laugh wholeheartedly at all of life, your life experience will be filled with bliss. Laughter that comes from deep within is a sign there is joy in your heart.

Present Moment Awareness – Watch a child play and you will see no ego. The ego is relegated to the sidelines because the child is living fully in the moment. The ego gains its power by judging the past or fearing the future. A playful child cannot relate to either because they live in the now. Do you think the young girl in the picture (our now married daughter some 20 years ago) has any worries or regrets? No, for she is fully engaged in the moment.

Inspiration – When we are in the moment, neither thoughts nor ego cloud our mind. This creates an opening for us to channel information from beyond the mind. Inspiration easily flows into you adding to your problem solving abilities and creative energies. Compassion – When we play, we connect to others at a core level of our humanity. From this place it is easier to embrace others without judgment. This heart connection heals; compassion comes forth, and overcomes the separation we all feel as suffering is eased.

Bliss – Because connection through compassion occurs at the soul level, our sense of Self enlarges, radiates outward and by its very nature enhances our happiness. Happiness here is not event dependent, it bubbles up from the inner Self, is always there no matter what is happening on the outside and is known as living in a state of bliss.

Fearlessness – The responsibilities of a head of household are enormous. We feel trapped in things we must do, in the beliefs we hold and in the path we must follow and if we don’t we fear all can be
lost. This fear pervades our lives and is the antagonist to playfulness. Playfulness is a vote for joy and pushes out fear. There is a deeper sense of knowing that the path we hold so dear is illusory and all is happening as it should.

Peace – Coming from the knowing that all is happening as it should, peace washes over you as an inner stillness arises that forms a powerful foundation for you to rely on each and every moment.

These gifts can be yours when you allow playfulness to come alive again. The following affirmations will help restore a sense of playfulness in your life.

I dance to the divine play of life.

I am playful, innocent and free.

I easily experience laughter and joy.

I live life inspired from the Source within.

Try them as you go about your day, when you meditate or mediate with us during our FREE guided 0meditation on, Wed Oct 8 at 9PM EDT.


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