Karmic Attractions


Our vibrations are rising daily here on planet Earth, bringing us closer to our true self and the experience of wholeness and fulfillment that we seek. As this occurs, there are old negative behaviors that become easier to recognize, overcome and heal.

One type of these is Karmic attractions or those things that we crave which are bad for us. Anything which draws us away from our truth, or where we desire to give our power away and get lost in the experience, not in a positive way but in the ‘where did I leave my true self behind?’ way is a karmic attraction. These could be a compulsive attraction to relationships which time and again hurt or disempower us; substances that we crave which alter us in unhealthy ways and leave us unbalanced instead of whole; or foods that we overindulge in.

I define karma as lessons we have to learn rather than debts we have to pay. These kinds of attractions are ways in which we are unloving to ourselves and give away our power and potential. The lesson is to love ourselves enough to say, no.

Once we have been caught in a karmic experience it becomes a cycle of self-abuse and abandonment which leaves us feeling less than our best. There is the initial sense of pleasure these situations bring, where in losing ourselves, we forget our problems and ‘feel no pain’. But when the circle of pleasure turns, the opposite side of that wheel is suffering. The suffering and often self-recrimination may cause us to crave the temporary bliss that led us to the suffering in the first place. Most of these experiences have a chemical aspect, whether hormonal or body chemistry, it alters our mood and our thinking process and develops a chemical dependency as well.

As a part of the ascension process that I support for people and our planet, I have been guided to support the resolution of karmic attractions. There has been a great deal of healing that has occurred recently making it easier for people to choose carefully and with self-love to have healthier relationships with people, mood altering substances and food. This is good news for all people who find their selves tending to be drawn into addictive type behaviors inspired by karmic attractions.

The primary root of these behaviors is the foundational issue we all face as we ascend into our truth. When life shifted from being all one Being in the state of wholeness, often called God, we experienced fear, grief, anger and loss. We felt abandoned and unloved, and that primal trauma still compels us to act in ways that are unloving toward our own selves.

As we ascend, we are brought back increasingly into relationship and unity with our own true facet of that One Source, God. We find that God is within us and always has been. The period of separation and individuating that we have gone through created illusions that must now be overcome; we are not separate from God, we are not unloved or unlovable. We are each a necessary and important part of the wholeness of life. Increasingly aware of that wholeness, we begin to feel a responsibility to our own truth; to own and care for ourselves like we would someone most precious.

When you find yourself responding to a compulsion that you sense or know is self-destructive, or where you desire to lose yourself and give your power away to a person or a substance, remember who you are. Would you wish such a self-destructive experience on someone who is precious to you –your own child for instance? Remember to care for yourself so that you can move beyond the cycle of addictive and self-defeating behavior and realize your greater potential for love, satisfaction and purposeful living. You are worth it!

Caring for yourself in this way, you will learn to love people and circumstances that care for you too. You will have to say, no to the karmic attractions numerous times, but this will make your self-commitment strong and reliable. Resist the impulse to bury your negative feelings. Instead, give yourself an inner hug, like the best hug you have ever had, and open your heart to God within you and from there welcome God’s love into the negative feelings. Imagine a stream of love flowing from your heart to the place within you that feels empty, and ask God to be there with you to fill that place with truth and heal the pain and loneliness you feel. If you don’t like the term God, substitute another term that connects you with that wholeness that is the spiritual foundation within all life.

This connection with God within you is the truth of you. Everything else is an illusion which needs to be healed so you can ascend into unity with your true self. Every time you feel negative, it presents an opportunity to connect with your truth, to heal and grow. Responding with self-love and making the best choices you can in the moment leads you out of the cycle of karmic attraction. Being loving and trustworthy with yourself, you will come to feel at home in your life on every level of your being.

~ Eve Wilson


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