Fat Burning Foods and High Protein Diets


The biochemical background of obesity begins with a chain reaction that converts nutrients to different forms that nature utilizes for energizing and molding the structure of the body. What you eat and what you have eaten in the past helps determine your body’s shape. As an example, proteins go through a chain reaction, by the process of digestion, which converts them to amino acids. This makes them small and simple enough for their absorption and conversion into tissue proteins in the body. It occurs normally only if the complete amino acid pattern is present. All cooked proteins are incomplete proteins. They must be combined with uncooked, fresh, salads or vegetables to make the protein complete.

The obese person who is on a high protein diet should take note of this fact and realize that unless there is a complete protein, the calorie excess may be just as severe as if he were consuming an equivalent amount of incomplete carbohydrates. In fact, the end product of the metabolism of incomplete protein causes a kidney overload due to the preponderance of metabolic wastes on such a diet. A variety of protein foods composed of either animal or vegetable sources in your diet is your best assurance of completing the protein pattern. Good sources of protein are sprouts, raw nuts, seeds and avocados.

Here is a partial quote from founder of Standard Process food supplements, Dr. Royal Lee. “If obesity were attacked from the basis of raw foods, not only would the problem be obliterated, but the condition of our nation would improve to the point where we, instead of being the sickest nation on earth, would be the healthiest.”

The most successful diets, regardless of whether the person wants to lose weight or gain muscle, is to eat the same kind of foods over and over again. Basically we’re looking at the “Paleo” type diet.

Proteins can easily be derived from whole eggs, chicken breast or thigh (preferably grass fed), wild fish, quinoa, wild rice, and lentils. Always include fresh, raw vegetables with these proteins.

Vegetables include all vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower or any other cruciferous vegetables; sauerkraut and kimchi, asparagus, peas, and green beans.

Use a small amount of fruit. Avocados are the best for weight loss since they are high in lipase which tends to eat up fat – also coconut oil, virgin and cold pressed.

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Palladium wisdom: Most diseases are not produced by deficiencies, but by excesses.

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