Focus on the Positive: Abundance and Love


Why do we think mostly about what we’ve lost, rather than what we have? When we are in an attitude of lack, the focus is on lack, and attracts lack. What if we were to focus on being grateful for what we already have? For our abundance? Having a positive focus attracts more of that.

Becoming mindful of your thoughts and feelings can be your guide to transforming your negative attitudes and thoughts into ones that are positive. I would recommend as a first step, keeping a journal. Some of my clients have found it helpful to even carry it with them to document their negative thoughts to be worked through or reframed later. The act of writing down your thoughts creates a mindfulness of the pattern of those thoughts and you can then make changes and re-program your bio-computer, mind, to a program for the life you want.

An additional way of attracting more positive experiences and abundance into your life is to be grateful. Waking up each day, before you leave the bed, while still nice and cosy, you can allow yourself to be mindful of three things to be grateful for. These things can be anything that is positive, just be mindful and attentive, really think it through. Do your best to make them different every day. There can be a theme. I tend to choose my three, then add my family members. If you’re stuck, you can do what a friend of mine did –she chose to be thankful for apples, the car she drove to the store to pick up the apples, the store for having the apples, the … you get the drift. You can chose to be mindfully grateful for anything!

Begin your day with thoughts of abundance and gratitude — your vibration will match with that and your whole day will be affected. Just like in recovery programs, make this routine part of your life day by day. If you happen to forget to be grateful, allow yourself to be compassionate with your Self. Compassion is not reserved for others — you are also deserving of compassion…and love. If you happen to remember later in the day, you can just be grateful then.

Put your energy and focus on abundance, love and gratitude. Experience your world being filled with an abundance of great opportunities, growth towards your goals and love. Most people do not know the power they have over their lives, just by the energy of their thoughts. Spend your time being mindful of, and guided by the energy and thoughts of acceptance, abundance, gratitude and love. Let go of comparison, judgments and negativity in general. Stop looking for and focusing on the negative. Focus on the positive.

And, as your vibration changes towards a higher, positive energy, you will attract others with similar vibrations. Your vibrations match and attract others and experiences with the same. So, pushing or resisting what you are drawing to you is futile. Just have a holy moment and be grateful for all experiences as learning lessons, another guide to greater inner growth.

It’s easy to be grateful for the positive, yet the negative shows you where you can grow. So, when you perceive an experience as negative, take the time to breathe center. Look within for where you attracted the perceived negative, and you can chose to release it or change your perception of it. Either way, be grateful for the holy lesson and opportunity and live a blessed life. May you attract an abundance of love and the fulfillment of your desires to you.

Love and Light,
Miche Lame’


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