There are many sayings with special meanings that are important to follow. They consist of only a few words, are easy to remember, and can have a huge impact in our lives. I have noticed a big improvement in my daily life now that I follow these powerful sayings.

1) Put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. This helps us understand what they are going through.

2) Say, Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony. Many times I say these words at the beginning of an argument with someone because it helps to diffuse unhappy thoughts.

3) Do ‘release’ work. Say very loud, “Whatever is causing (your health concern) to leave me now!” Repeat this several times with great emphasis.

4) There are two sides to every story. If someone complains about another person, we have to also listen to the other person’s point of view.

5) Laughter. Many times when upset, I laugh about my troubles instead of resorting to tears. This makes me feel sooo much better!

6) Complete the sentence, ”I am overjoyed and grateful now that…” Write down what you want in your life that you don’t have now as if it already exists. It’s important to stay focused to change your vibration, so that it will come into your life.

7) Communicate with your soul. Your soul is linked with your mind. Your soul is involved with every decision you make in your physical life. It’s very important to ask your soul to help your organs, and help your cells. For example, if your heart is a challenge, repeat several times, I love the souls of my heart cells. Please help yourselves– excellent heart, happy healthy heart cells. Say, Thank you and Hao (repeat 3 times each). Also, repeat the number 3396815 for optimum wellness. For more information, you can purchase he book, “Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit” by Zhi Gang Sha.

8) We must always say the words ‘at least’ when dealing with difficult issues. For example, since my doctor diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 it has been very difficult, but at least I was fine when my children were growing up.

9) 11:11 When the time 11:11 appears on the clock the Universe is ready to receive your question or wish. The Universe will always have the answer ‘yes’. For example, if you want a car… repeat for one minute at 11:11 a.m. and p.m., the words, “I can afford a car”… say this for several days. I read about a man who was granted his wish by following this method of speaking to the Universe.

10) Say the word ‘HU’, pronounced hue which is an ancient name for God. Say or sing HU out loud or silently about twenty minutes each day. Recently, I was in pain and while chanting HU, the pain went away. Miracles have happened using this exercise.

11) Think of 5 things each week that you are grateful for. It is more beneficial to me when I repeat them out loud to hear my treasured blessings.

12) Always look at the clean floor rather than the dirty floor. This means that if you are upset with someone, your attention goes to their bad qualities (dirty floor) instead of focusing on their good qualities (clean floor). If you ponder this, you usually see that their good qualities outweigh the bad which takes your attention away from your anger.

13) Sometimes we exchange one set of problems with another set of problems. We should never make fast decisions. We have to thoroughly think them through to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. For example, if you quit an undesirable job, don’t get another job that is unsatisfactory in different ways.

14) Use “Afformations” instead of “Affirmations.” Just say, Why am I so happy? Why am I happily married? Why am I losing weight? Why am I so spiritual? or whatever pertains to you. Afformations are empowering questions that when worded correctly by reframing your goals will reprogram your subconscious to help you achieve the outcome you desire in a shorter time. For more information read, “The Book of Afformations” by Noah St. John.

by Michele Novak Stemmer


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