Your Presence Heals


You are in constant energetic relationship to everything and everyone around you. You are feeling other people’s feelings and thoughts whether you know it consciously or not. This interaction cannot be severed; only denied or forgotten. You are part of a broader system in which you cannot cut yourself out of…or run away from. If you can consciously feel a reaction to someone when you are around them, this is a great opportunity for you, and them. Grounded within your own body and being, fully claiming your space and emphatically aware, you profoundly affect the body, space, and energy of others on a scientifically-validated molecular level.

Presence heals. Your awareness of something has the power to heal what you are viewing. Full presence requires you to be vulnerable and empathic. Standing in the darkness together, you “as healer” are holding the high vision. The ability to witness suffering with presence and empathy starts with your ability to be present and vulnerable within yourself. Self presence and vulnerability, is self love. Your powerful, present, and vulnerable self sets others free.

I have spent the past twenty five years being trained in seven unique energy healing forms, have a deep commitment to personal healing, and 15 years of professional healing work. If all of what I have learned could be summed up with what I view is the most important thing for us to hear, feel, know, and sense as human beings and healers at this time, it is this: presence heals. Many times in session I will simply be present in my body, and clients will say, “I felt you send me a huge wave of energy.” or “You do powerful Reiki.” Why does so much healing come to them when someone is able to be fully present with them in their suffering?

When I am mentoring a group in “how” to heal, I have them do two processes. In the first process they send energy through their intention to the person in front of them. This person reports back what they feel. This “sending” can be called good wishes, prayer, Reiki, energetic healing etc. Then, on the second process, I have the person be present in their body, be in the moment, consciously breathe, feel any pain, and fully fill up the space around them. After demonstrating this process for many years, the person who is “receiving” always reports feeling a deeper, more profound energy being “sent” to them on the non-sending round.

WHY is “doing nothing” so powerful?

If we are in any discomfort, it is because we are either pushing away or holding on to pain (limiting thought and/or feeling). Pushing away can be: a. “I deny or don’t even know this thought or feeling exists” b. “I don’t want to feel this or think this!” c. Shame “I am bad or unworthy for feeling or thinking this way.”

Holding on can show up as: a. “I need to figure this out.” b. “I need to be right!” c. “This is what my religion and/or authority figure told me was true; so I can’t let this painful thought go.”

In owning all your feelings and sensations, you have the power to change your life, others, and effect the world. How you view something effects what you view. However, the more connected (empathic) you are to a person, animal or cause, the more healing effect you have on it. Stand present with suffering, let it move through you and hold hope in your gaze. Your presence, empathy and high vision, can and does, POWERFULLY effect what you view.

Now, as you gaze into the world and keep this empathic presence, you give the ones who suffer an opportunity or energetic doorway to healing. If your words or actions are coming from a place of disconnect, or needing to fix, you can actually glue a person’s pain deeper. By consciously emphatically feeling what you are viewing, and remaining present, you stop the energetic ping pong match of pain. Your “not doing” dynamically gives them a way to let go.

Self acceptance and your own meditation are crucial to igniting your presence to effect others. This is also why your inner work, or self love, is not selfish. When you feel your emotional pain with stillness and gentleness, you are laying the groundwork for your friends, family and loved ones to be set free.

Steps to be present:
1. Accept when you are triggered. Know that no one can “make you” feel anyway certain way. It was in you already. By owning what is within you, with radical self-compassion, you take back your power. As you feel this trigger or pain with compassion you open up more presence within your being.
2. Be aware of other’s pain or struggles without distancing yourself in the mind. This distancing is often done by mentally labeling them or telling them how to fix themselves.
3. Breathe into your body, be in the moment. Lift your sternum and notice if you can feel yourself “all there.” Remember, this is a life long process, opening is infinite and your ability to be present will continue to grow stronger.

Being present to another without needing to push away, fix, heal, or deny, you powerfully effect what you are viewing. Being present to the world’s crisis powerfully shifts what you are viewing. Through your awareness and being present you become an energetic vortex of healing on the planet.

Action with any energy of fixing, obligation or rescuing denies the common humanity and worth of the one you are helping. Action with agitation sinks deeper the person’s suffering. Action grounded in self-awareness and presence truly heals and un-glues the pain within another. Inner peace, makes peace. I have found when someone knows their presence can heal, they no longer feel hopeless. We have a plague of apathy, and hopelessness in North America because a majority of people don’t know what to do with the world’s suffering. We have not been shown how our inner work and presence can heal. From knowing our presence heals, and feeling our greater fullness, we are more likely to be aware of an action that can help another. Our present, empathic, powerful, vulnerable self, heals, and any inspired action from this awareness, now has life changing healing effects.

Barbra White


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