Creating a Joyful Holiday!


I don’t know if you’re like me, but I sometimes dread the holidays….at least I used to. Have you found that either you think you are going to be lonely, there’s no one to be with you, or you expect yelling, possibly drunkenness or just plain tenseness? Those beliefs and expectations can be changed… your experience can be transformed!

First: Realize that all those experiences are in the past. They no longer exist in the present, and you can let them go if you choose to. That leaves open the possibility for new, more positive experiences. Reality is really only RIGHT NOW. Right now is really the only time you exist… in the now. So, when you learn to allow yourself to let go of your past experiences, you are creating an opening for the life you really want.

Second: Be aware that stories of the holidays are like Cinderella stories — you set up unrealistic expectations and lose your Self in the story and stop being in reality, in the now. You are in a brainwash zone; a pre-recorded and unrealistic program is in your biocomputer mind and acts as a virus to infect your life. Becoming mindful of the programs, the thoughts which no longer work for you, you can develop new ones. Ones which can make you happy, in this case, enjoy the holidays more.

Third: Start imagining a realistic expectation of what you do want. In fact, if you allow yourself to be in the moment, you will have no expectations. Expectations are in the future. You want to be in the now. Your happiness is in the now. Yet, let’s say you are not quite there yet; you’re still moving toward that. The more you can visualize- – right down to the sights, sounds, scents, emotional state, etc., the more solid that vision becomes. It can be very helpful and contribute to clarifying your goal to write your new vision down, adapting it as you desire.

Fourth: Remember that you are the attractor of your experiences. What you energetically feel and think become manifest in your experiences of life. So, if you don’t like what you are experiencing, attracting, look at your ego’s thoughts and feelings. They are like magnets and will magnify even the smallest negativity that is yours to work through as part of your growth towards gaining your full potential. These small, unacknowledged, limiting beliefs snowball and attract more and more like that, due to the vibrations of your energy associated with those thoughts.

Fifth: Any change, even positive, can seem uncomfortable. Just stick with it and be open, allowing it. You are changing your script. Ever have the experience where you were speaking with someone, and lost your train of thought, felt uncomfortable and lost? This can be similar. When you change the script, others may attempt to go back on the script; just take a breath and stay with the energy of love. Acknowledge the awkward feeling; allow yourself to feel it as if from a distance, yet accepting. This does not mean you resist the feeling, what you resist persists, you know.

Sixth: I like to remember that the word “holiday” starts with the core “holi” or, “holy,” which helps me remember to feel and connect with the holiness of our Creator, the universe, as a basis of my being, my thoughts, my actions. If things get rough, this is what I remember. My strategy is to write this on an index card… just in case I want to go, say into the bathroom, lock the door, and reaffirm my intentions and feelings.

Seventh: Remember all change starts with you. The object is to change from within, not to control or change others. As you change, transform, your energy’s vibration will change, and then, knowing your own boundaries, you are able to maintain your vibration so that others have the choice to also change theirs, or, they will feel so uncomfortable that they often leave you in your space of love, where you will attract others with the energy of love.

These are just some suggestions that have often assisted myself and my clients. I hope you find them useful in your journey. These strategies not only work during the holidays, they can work anywhere you go. It is not necessary to fully understand the process to gain the benefits. You are actually working on your own connection with you, the divine. For you are connecting with the love you are, letting you go into the flow of the universe. This in itself will change your life, your patterns and energy of your thoughts, bringing you the glorious experiences you desire.

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’


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