Embodied Mechanisms


Throughout our many lives, most of us have searched for meaning, or for “the way” (to peace, home, connection, meaning, or understanding), much of the time, finding or mastering one way or “key.” What has continued to elude us (because it has been hidden) however, is that the opening of the door to interrelatedness (or oneness) of the Universe is, metaphorically speaking, a many-keyed doorway. Each of us must possess many “keys” and know how to turn them in sequence to pass through, if you will. So we work, pursue, believe, follow a teacher and master what they know. Then, having that key, we run to the large multi-lock door, find the hole that our key fits, place it in, and turn it. Our excitement at that point overtakes us and we wait for the door to open. When it doesn’t, we escape disheartenment by believing the illusion that the key will work in our afterlife. Some of us run from the door and run to the next teacher or idea that says they are offering one of the “keys.”

To face the door and see the multitude of keys needed to open it is overwhelming to the strongest of us. Most of us go to the safety of obtaining one key and believing in it.

To master the keys needed to open the door to the interrelatedness of the Universe takes many lives. When we are unable to have the mechanism of retaining our keys from lifetime to lifetime, the quest seems stacked or impossible. Yet, with the mechanism to stay connected to each lifetime in which our soul essence incarnates in, a whole new world of possibilities of mastery to all the “keys” opens up to us.

Soul orientation is the first mechanism of mastery of our ability to maintain our connection to each of our past lives. This is a game changer for facing the locked door to the interrelatedness of the Universe with all the keys in our possession and knowing the sequence to turn them. In soul orientation, we begin with a body connection to the photon light of our soul’s essence.

This connection, along with others that I will write about over the months, lays the first groundwork so we can begin to gather our past life photon light. This photon light is housed within the field of Earth and we call them past life footprints.

Each cell in our body houses one or more particles of photon light. This light stores the information from our lives. Sensology, my practice and theory of humans as energetic sensory beings, calls us to collect the photon light from each past life footprint – footprints which hold keys to the door of interrelatedness of the Universe.
Through Embodied Practice, we gain the field strength to gather and organize (in this life) the photon light from our past lives, moving us closer to the oneness of the soul essence, empowering our current life and gaining “keys.

The gathering of the photon light of our soul essence from each life provides the mechanism of the soul essence feeling complete.

Given that our soul essence is eternal, the essence in one life experiences great loss and confusion, grasping in each life for one “key.” Soul orientation provides the physiological energetic mechanisms in the body that enable us to gather our photon light past life footprints. Without it, lifetime after lifetime, we face the door of interrelatedness without the correct number of keys, or the sequence in which to turn them. This leaves us trapped on Earth without our connection that can come through the complete connection to our soul essence photon light across time and space. With our soul orientation in body, we possess the “keys” and sequences to unlock the door of interrelatedness – true oneness.

A Note from the Sensology Institute Staff: This is the first in a series of 7 articles on Embodied Mechanisms, each describing one of the energetic mechanisms of Embodied Practice and soul orientation. These mechanisms allow our soul to emerge in the body through the gathering of our soul essence photon light from each lifetime. Each mechanism provides another key to unlock the door of our interrelatedness, or oneness, with the Universe. Articles are grounded in Kiera D. Laike’s theory and practice of Sensology (see www.SensologyInstitute.com). Sensology has never before been written about, and is not based on any established philosophy or discipline.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW, Interrelated Realm Walker


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