Grateful for the Brilliant You


“Fear is associated with ignorance of who you are.” Dr A.T. Ariyaratne,
(1996 Ghandi Peace Award, and many other honors for his non-violent activism)

You have a mandate from spirit to realize your innate brilliance. When you accept your humanity and remember your true magnificence, you powerfully affect your family, body, life and planet Earth. When you know yourself as love, you have access to a spiritual power that no condition, circumstance or person can stand against.
We all forget at times who we truly are. If we were to remember in this instant fully who we are, we would never have fear, doubt or worry again. Spiritual growth is not linear. Opening to love is infinite, and the forgetting is part of the process. We may have moments, days, or weeks of remembering our full selves, and maybe years of forgetting.
When we are swirling in a puddle of self analysis, we begin to think we are a puddle. When we have temporarily forgotten that we are love, beauty, and the essence of the cosmos, we even fight to maintain our puddle identity. We push away love and turn away from the very thing that can help us in our attempts to stay with our familiar puddle self.
Holding strong to current beliefs and opinions, the mind tries to figure out why the puddle exists. Fear, doubt, and worry are not always signs to change your thinking or “be positive”. The emotions were born from your mind and current self-perceptions, so more thinking will not free you.
Negative emotion is a signal of your perceived smallness. Yet, it is in feeling the negative emotion with non judgment, that you realize your greatness. When you yield through self love to a deeper trust of life, you come to embody Creation as you. Everything within you seeks to show you your brilliance.
Freedom is in the subtle. Even the greatest healing process can certify your limited puddle nature. The underlying intention shapes the entire process. Approach your healing with even a slight need to fix, analyze, or strategically escape emotional pain, and you will reinforce your puddle self-identity. You are whole, brilliant and the essence of love already. You have only temporarily forgotten. Trying to fix the symptom of the forgetting, without holding an intentional vision that you have everything you need already, cements the problem deeper. The story, behavior, and illness are only a symptom of your forgetting, but not real unto itself.
Behavior modification, a strategy change, or change of location may temporarily work. But in the long term, this moving of the parts of the puddle or current personality structures will reinforce your mistrust of your own divine brilliance. Shifting the conscious foundation of who you see yourself as, requires a transformation that is beyond your personality and yet includes it.
Energy is just energy. Emotion is energy. Labeling what is within you and around you gives you a sense of control, yet what you try to control, controls you. You are a being with boundaries, and are in constant exchange with the broader system. Like a cell of the body, you have a semi-permeable boundary in constant exchange with it’s environment; and also like the cell of the body, you are whole unto yourself. You are in a constant exchange of energy with your environment through sound, awareness, feeling, thought, and touch. Negative or positive energy can powerfully serve to fuel you into your greater self, if you courageously accept what is. Consciously accept what is within you on a moment to moment basis, and you don’t have to wait for a complete collapse to finally yield to your broader self.
In sessions, I teach people how to identify as their brilliance. One of the modalities I use in transpersonal therapy is somatic psychology. The body never lies. By deeply listening to your bodies feedback, you can reconnect the pathways to being a student to your own divinity. Your essential brilliant self, includes your body. Time in nature also offers you the perfect reflection to your bodies valuable feedback.
It is very courageous to look within and love yourself. There is a process to this “process” that is beyond what our minds can conceptualize. We cannot do it alone, we need the compassionate mirror of another to see where we have become blind. We can become more “ourselves” with a loving inward glance, and as we do, we create space for miracles in our lives.
What you are trying to thearpize, analyze and sort is the fertilizer for opening to the ocean as you. Let someone show you the beauty of your puddle identity as it is. Let yourself be loved. You are lovable just as you are. You have been given everything you need to succeed. When you powerfully surrender to self-acceptance, your core block becomes your core power.
In service, Barbra White


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